Why are we here?

Halp me please. I don’t know why I or you are alive right now. Plus side I no longer think your all figments

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I don’t know. the logic loophole in my brain always ends in confusion

Where else should we be?

we deserve paradise on earth… :broken_heart:

I’ve struggled with this too. Is there a point to life? The sun goes up, the sun goes down. Why are we these living blobs floating around just living. It makes me excited for death, but I’m enjoying life as it is. It’s a great process, life then death. I’m curious if there’s anything past life. Okay okay I’m not trying to sound suicidal but maybe this is how it’s interpreted. But really, I just don’t mind dying, that said I’m gonna live out life because I enjoy life too. But when it’s my time to go, I won’t mind it. Because I know life is pointless and full of pain, but it’s also worth living which is why I’m happy to be 25 years young…everything in due time. Life is sweet, it’s fun trying to figure out WHY we are alive. Think about it more. It’s a question that has been pondered by me for years and made my life interesting. I once said “If I were a bird, I still wouldn’t understand why the hell I am here.” Today this little birdy was so cute he came on my table at a food stand outside and he came up within 2 feet of me the entire time eating a meal…he trusted me a lot. So I gave him a french fry at the end of the meal. This little tiny birdie trusted that he could come close to me. So I had to give him a french fry. I couldn’t let that birdie be hungry after all he begged and he trusted me. I’m glad I made him happy.

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I think therefore i am and i am what i am. If I wasn’t I’d be some place else i guess.

To serve others. (Think about it.)

Glorious battle!

If we crave for us some divine purpose, then let us seek a worthy goal. - Carl Sagan

It’s like , what else do we know anyway? And since this is all we really know, so far, we have an instinct to survive it. But if after you experience death, you were to find yourself in some kind of nowhere land, you might then find more meaning in being in this realm but might not be able to get back here and end up a ghost or some other disembodied spirit, while on the other hand if the after experience of life is much more meaningful then it is in this one then we might want to go there without first experiencing life in this realm to it’s totality or normal conclusion. I actually think that life is meant to be figured out. Some people will try and figure it out by themselves thinking they will find something different and unique about it that others do not when being together. Either way, we should share what we find with everyone else.

I also believe that our souls are a form of energy that can only change form as in the belief of reincarnation would imply.

to get our dreams crushed (at least for me)

I don’t think there is any grand purpose… cells multiplied… and now we’re here…

I do feel I should try to leave a positive impression on people. It’s no my reason for being… but I’m pretty happy when I hear I’ve cheered people up.

Again… it’s all just random chance… things colliding… some stick… some ricochet.

That’s a bit comforting… it’s all in the flow.

“I don’t know man, but it keeps me up at night.”