Paris, Paris... Je t'aime

Had fun last night.
We were a group of 13/14 people and went to dine with friends. It was a Middle Eastern restaurant and for 25 bucks without drinks was too much for the little food we got. But it was fun, we danced and talked. I met a lot of new people and made some new friends too.

Now we have a what’sapp group to plan the girl’s wedding shower in a month. So :flushed: I wanna do everything I can to make her wedding wonderful.

The most funny thing is, I always wash new clothes when i buy. So by some weird chance, I had bought a new shirt and… well the hangtag was still on it and I had not washed it for some strange reason :flushed: I am not sure how many people saw it, and even funny thing is it was cheap :smile:

Ah… Tonight we are going on again 3 couples to a steakhouse and then clubbing. I am not eating much at all. So, whatever. I need to wear something very comfortable so I can dance a lot. :smile:


Hope you have a really good time! I miss clubbing so have a drink for me!

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One for me too … I want to a beer festival today :smile:

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hope u have some more fun tonight, I don’t think ive ever actually danced before, when I used to go to parties I would most just do a lot of drugs one time this girl danced on me she was pretty hot but she was also drunk and I was 15 but she was like 18 or 19 I was confused because after her dancing on me for a while she put her head on my shoulder and we were just standing in the corner I still wonder if she was attracted to me or if she was just really drunk but I guess I will never know

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Have fun @SpecialK! :slight_smile:

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