Parents that care

My parents ask me often how I am doing. I told my mom my mania had ended and that ive more or less crashed and a little bit down.

Usually when I am not doing as well my mom will send me some article about changing diet or cutting out all processed foods to solve schizophrenia or bipolar. and say miracles do happen.

Diet has basically no effect on my symptoms ive tried every different eating strategy under the sun.

I usually just say thank you for caring. I try not to really debunk anything. I know she cares, and its tough to understand that the illness forever, just has to be managed.

do your parents or anyone you know ever ask how your doing then offer things like that?

I live with my parents. They call me often to get out of bed when they’re home. Now they ask me if I am good because of covid19.

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My parents don’t care, but I’m very stable.

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They ask me like every week. Sometimes I’m just thinking yo it was the same the last time and the time before lol

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Nobody does anything like this for me. They do tolerate my erratic routines though. And are starting to accommodate the possibility of a less than bright livelihood. All I can ask for. Pressure of my own is hard enough, but if I had expectations on top of ? Yeah man. Idek.

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