Do poeple other than those treating your schizophrenia ask you how you are doing with it

My parents never asked me how is my schizophrenia today. My father thinks bieng busy and working and marrying are all that matters, my mom just wants the house taken care of and the dog and cars. Everything clean and maintaned. They never asked me once how I was doing with my schizophrenia. I told some of my delusions to my mother and she said she does not beleive they were real. All that matters is that I am busy and not sleeping till 5 45pm somtimes and cleaning and taking care of bills insurance taxes cars houses the dog and my dad wants me married. This is on thier minds all the time like my delusions are on my mind all the time. My dad even said that he talked to my psychologist and asked if poeple with depression and schizophrenia move on with thier lives and do what poeple do. My psychologist said yes poeple with schizophrenia and major depression can move on with thier lives and do what poeple do. Work marry have children socialize. Sometimes it seems strange my parents never ask me how I am doing with my schizophrenia or if I am having some symptoms. As long as I am doing or attempting to be doing what they want and not telling them I am having and dealing with delusions they dont ask me how I am doing regarding schizophrenia. If I am having trouble they would rely on the doctors to help me and just continue to want me to do what they think needs to be done. All in all they the docters and social security are doing alot for me. I still have a lot of expectations but I am understood enough having schizophrenia and so far have what I need and my parents still let me enjoy my hobbies which are the things I actually want to do. Maybe it is good my parents dont focus on my schizophrenia and focus on what they see as should be focused on in life.

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It seems like you are being overlooked.

It does sound like your parents have specific ideas about where you should be in life by now,
much like most parents that are waiting until their kids finally move out of their house so they can start living their own lives.
Not unusual…but at the same time…if your not ready to go…?

Nobody ask me how I’m doing. My sister thinks that I can overcome this sz. My dad is too scared that I might be labelled crazy so the sz topic is a taboo. My brother do ask me sometimes about my disability evaluations but that is it. My friends also don’t ask me about the illness as they don’t know what is really wrong with me. I prefer to keep things the way they are. At least people on this site knows what I’m talking about and I can relate to most of them.

Rarely does my brother or father ask me how I am doing.
Sometimes my brother will ask me how I am doing, after a med change or adjustment.
If I caught a common cold, family members would ask me how I am doing - but once in a while, I would like to hear those words - “How are you doing” - there is a lot of suffering that comes a long with this illness, hearing some comforting words would be nice too


My parents hurt me as they used to brag about me when I was well to all their friends.
Then when I got ill, it was like a big secret and they tried to hide that I was home again and not at college.

I got over this by realizing that I have to get better for myself, not for someone else.
I thought I was getting good grades when I could for my parents.
Then when I couldn’t go to school, I was like a non entity.

To counteract this- decide on YOUR own goals. See if your doc says it sounds good.
Tell parent progress on them. Or not, if they really don’t care.

If parents are not helpful to you, (and they are only people with their own problems), start to move to a time when you are not with them. If you get disability, move away from them if they don’t support you. Ask your doc or social worker for suggestions about living arrangements.


This is so true for me - I honestly need to get better for myself

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As a parent, can I say it can be a bit difficult. Sometimes my son is willing to talk about it and sometimes he isn’t. Sometimes he will tell me what was happening in his head when he was having psychosis and sometimes if I ask him a question about it, he gets snappy. I know he is re evaluating some events that happened in the years before his diagnosis, but I don’t really want to go there because actually his behavior was really inexcusable sometimes if he wasn’t mentally ill. But he was mentally ill so I do excuse it. I don’t know if he looks back and remembers things in the same way. Or if he looks back and still sees some justification for things he did. I won’t raise it because it is in the past and there is no point. As long as it has stopped. Maybe that’s where your parents are “coming from”. Maybe they feel that as long as you are “progressing normally”, that old stuff is less likely to recur. Maybe fewer discussions means fewer recriminations.

And maybe they just don’t want you to miss out on too much of life’s good stuff because of your illness. I saw research recently that reported that lots of people in their fifties with sz said that they felt that they had achieved a good quality of life and were satisfied. The only negative thing they said was that they had regrets about opportunities they had missed in their youth with the onset of sz - they mentioned work and relationships particularly.

So maybe your parents see that possibility.


My in laws don’t ask how I’m doing. My parents never ask how my symptoms are. To them the subject of my illness is taboo. Even though my dad has the same illness as me it’s still not something we talk about. The only person that readily ask how my symptoms are is my partner.

When ever I ask C. about himself, he gets angry! He never wants to talk about it!

@Wave…couldnt resist. Heres a hug OO

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My parents are helpful to me but it is stressful at times. The older they get the stress does not last for more than a day or two or hour or two if it is not bad. The last time my mom stressed was she wanted to hire someone to clean the house and my dad doesnt like paying poeple to do things he thinks I should and could do. I get to do my hobbies somtimes, and stay in perfect weather year round traveling back and forth from the two homes my parents own. I have some spare spending money each month to buy things for myself. My dad just bought a new car and I get to drive it with them a lot. We are looking for a new house now becuase we want one more bedroom. I have all the food I can eat. It actually wouldnt be bad if things stayed like this. My dad is pretty succsesful at life, his marriage with my mom was pretty stressfull at times but they stuck together. My father is doing his best to make sure I will have what I need in life. So for now I will just enjoy my hobbies as much as a goal for myself.

Does it help to have your partner ask how your symptoms are?

Yeah my dad is like that. He does not want me to focus on my symptoms but get busy with good things in life and forget about my symptoms. My mom wants to do things with me but I am sleeping till 5pm somtimes and all the places she wanted to go to are closing somtimes or closed, by the time I wake up and get going. She accepts me as I am more than my dad but wants me to keep things like the house, car, myself clean and maintained.

[quote=“Wave, post:5, topic:19280”]
but once in a while, I would like to hear those words - “How are you doing” - there is a lot of suffering that comes a long with this illness, hearing some comforting words would be nice too
[/quote]Yeah some comforting words would be nice I wonder what someone could say that would help give credit to those suffering from this illness.

My parents are very very supportive of what ever the hell is happening to me. They have mental heath problems too.

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When I was young I wished that someone had the balls to explain to me that I was screwed.
You don’t get sympathy for mental illness, because there are no outward signs that normal people can understand.
You get sympathy for cancer or broken bones.
Some poor mentally ill homeless people only get abuse and neglect.

So if a person’s situation is not that bad, I just give thanks for what I have.
Some people in the world have their homes bombed and that would just crush my psyche.
But they carry on as we all have to try.

My parents are kind and they ask just some general “how ya doing today” I don’t always tell them though.

I live with my sis and she will ask how I am. Sometimes I find it comforting.

Sometimes I think “is something is wrong with me… otherwise why would she ask?”
Then I’m thrown for a while.

my parents ask me only sometimes, and only how my day was. My sister thinks I am faking everything, and my dad thinks I have demons following me around. My dad doesn’t like talking about my illness as he thinks that it will make the demons come more frequently. When a doctor diagnosed me paranoid schizophrenic, he argued it and even sent me to the state hospital a city away. The people there only diagnosed me psychotic NOS (Not Otherwise Specified) and they sent me home. I think I might have schizophrenia, but I can’t make my own diagnosis, and I have been experiencing the things I see and hear since I was five years old. grrrrr.

Just this morning my partner asked how my symptoms were today. My partner may get stuck in Alabama to take care of her widowed uncle for a few weeks if her mom has her way.

[quote=“phillippsych, post:15, topic:19280, full:true”]
My parents are very very supportive of what ever the hell is happening to me. They have mental heath problems too.
[/quote]That sounds pretty good, My mom has depression.

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