My mom is really caring!

She lets me not to work and always cares for me to get enough sleep. She doesnt even wake me up even if its afternoon already. When i wake up she has already finished cooking a meal for me. She allows me not to hold a job cause i have relapsed a year ago and had a manic episode recently. She fully supports as she even buys me things like energy drink or even cigarettes. She hasnt complained about me for a long time as she fi ally realized that how schizophrenia is a horrible illness. My mom also cleans my room but often i do it myself. She praises and compliments me for a smallest thing, like washing dishes or walking the dog. I sometimes go into depressive state and ask to be sent to a care home and my mom starts crying and says she never allow it while she is alive.


I’m glad you have a supportive mom

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sounds like you have a nice mum yea =)

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Treat her nice.


Your mom is very caring and generous. You are very lucky.

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What a blessing. Tell your mom your feelings.


My Mom is really good to me too she does most of the cleaning and cooks every once in awhile and when I go to the hospital she cleans my room

My mom is really supportive too and she does a lot for me.

But I have chores I have to do. I have to cut the grass, take out the garbage, and do the grocery shopping.

yea my mum is awesome too… she helps me with almost everything and she doesn’t mind having me around… i asked her several times if i wasn’t too big of a burden to her and she always says no.

Glad to know your Mom supports you!
My Mom was pretty special too.

You’re a very lucky person. I hope you tell her how much you appreciate her


You are very lucky to have your mom. She sounds great.