Parents having sex in the other room

I am scared my parents are having sex in the other room they are just nearby. They having sex just in the other room i think. What should i do?

Put some headphones on and listen to music. :whale2::whale2::whale2:

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Headphones and music or a good show from a streaming service.

It’s their right to have sex, so just ignore it.


That’s exactly what I was going to say.

Thats one of the disadvantages of living with parents. No privacy too. I need a lock on my room.

Cheer them on and hope for a brother?


Sex is very natural, normal, and healthy. Put on some headphones or watch a tv a little louder than usual

When I heard my parents the first time it was like listening to a hard core porno…
I swore I’d never be like them :face_vomiting:

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Be thankful. There would never have been a YOU if your parents didn’t like to nookie.

Go for a walk if it bothers ya.

Get a fire hose and turn it on full blast


Well, on one hand, it’s their right to have sex. It’s natural and feels good blah, blah, blah. And they are adults. On the other hand, they should respect you and make sure they are careful to do it discreetly I.e. when you’re not home or late at night.

I mean unless you’re in a family that doesn’t mind hearing each other, than they have a responsibility to pick a time when you’re not around so it doesn’t make you uncomfortable.


Um, kind of hard during lockdown. I don’t think punklet has left the condo for two weeks. Also, young people are nocturnal. Most of the nookie happens between 6 and 8 am now as the youngster turns to stone if sunlilght touches her during those hours. She’s in a deathlike trance early in the day, it goes well beyond sleep.

My wife and I are actually kind of ready to be empty nesters.

I Get It Kind Of…,

The Guy Who Came Up With Thus Topic Is Trying To Be Funny With His Ignorant Sarcasm. . .

But, It’s Sick. . .

What’s The Purpose, Other Than To Really Make Me Nauseous, Suicidal And Disgusting.

No Need To Respond, Jus Add It To The Neverending List Of Reasons Thus Site Should Shut Down. . .

If you don’t like it, go elswhere. It’s a legitimate topic. There are a lot of older parents who still enjoy banging the walls down (I’m one of them). It’s kind of frustrating and gross for their kids who are trapped at home with them by economic pressures, illness, etc. Hard to find that balance. Good thing to talk out. If you can’t handle it, that’s your problem brosef. Not mine.


No I’m Being Honest Here…, Seriously?.

Just dont walk in on them.

I never heard my parents do it. I think they would be more scarred than myself knowing i could hear them.

I was out alot though, so im sure they respected that, and caught up.

Dunno i dont really like the thought of it either. But its life !

My parents did not give into the temptation of a life of lust except when they were conceiving children

As kids, me and my brother knew when they had sex. A little uncomfortable but natural.
One day someone called and asked for my parents. My little brother spontaneously told them “they’re busy right now, having sex”. Lol


Yes they are having sex all the time i am their spawn

Bake them a cake to congratulate them. :confetti_ball: :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

Seriously though, it’s their right to get funky. If it bothers you throw on some headphones.