Heard my parents doing "it" last night

My parents are almost 70. I heard a lot of noises that no son should hear last night. Part of me is happy they are still sexually active. Part of me is deeply disturbed. Im just living here for free so i can complain. But damn is it weird to hear your parents making those noises


My stepmom has a noise machine so I never hear her and my dad having sex.


After school I moved in with my parents for a year or so.

Walked in on them totally doing it.

Felt the same way.

Happy that they were active, but repulsed at the thought.

It’s part of the risk of living at home.

But you could ask them to turn up the TV or something when they have sex.


The TV is in the basement. The only reason i was awake was cause my dog wakes up at 11 to go out. She went in an woke them up and they started having sex

They even both got up to pee so im 100% sure it was sex.

Could you put on headphones?

Go on a night walk?

Literally anything but listen to them have sex?

Or is it too loud?

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I covered my ears for a bit. My dad got up and shut his door. I eventually did the same. I was afraid to make noise and disturb them. My dad wouldnt hear cause he didnt have his hearing aids in. But my mom hears everything.


My headphones were out in the living room too. Ugh.

If if bothers you that much then move out. God bless old people who are still nookying.



Lmao, my kids are so squicked out by me and their dad flirting.


Yes Indeed. lol. “nooky” love that word :smiley:


I would but i dont have any money so i cant move

Thought our doors were locked one afternoon. Our then seven year old burst in on us once. “Whatcha doing? Why you naked?” She bellowed. After that, we always double checked our locks.


Omg man. I’m sorry you had to hear that.

Haha. Why you naked? Thats hilarious. At least she was young and innocent. I heard my mom ask my dad if his arms were shaking. He said “thats work!” Ugggggghhhhh

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We used Vaseline for nookying. Put it on the outside door knob of your bedroom and the kids can’t get in.


I’m living with my parents for about a year or so. I have a very loud fan going every night so I can’t hear them fighting or anything worse… lol

That might work if the knob is round. But what if it’s L-shaped? :thinking:

L-shaped knob?

Sounds serious…

:thinking: :sweat_smile:


Sorry they might call it door handle in that case. Me no speek Inglish gud.