Does anyone come from an upbringing where talking about sex was pretty much not to be discussed

My parents never talked about sex. No jokes or discussions, since I was about 8 years old.
At the beginning of my diagnosis I was complaining that I could not stop masturbating. My mom told my Psychiatrist that she wanted this stopped. About ten years ago I asked my mom when the last time she and my dad had sex was and she became very angry and did not discuss anything. Since then I do not mention sex in any way or form with my parents.

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Sex was a very taboo topic when I was a teenager. My sister still doesn’t want to hear about anything sexual. I was raised by a single mom, and her boyfriend told her he thought it was time someone to talk to me about sex. He offered to do it, but she didn’t want him doing this. She did it herself. I would have rather have him talk to me though.

I grew up in a very secular family who never talked about sex. My sister and I were close and we talked about it. My brother was a closeted gay and my mom a nun. I learned about sex from dirty little boys and never knew it was a form of affection.

I grew up in a home where sexual abuse was very common, but I was trained not to talk about it as the abusers didn’t want to get caught.

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Well when I was like 24 or 25 I had sex with a guy. I told him to stop because it hurts but he didn’t stop. I don’t know if you consider that being raped, but it wasn’t fun.

I mentioned in the topic that I was dreaming about being raped the other night, and this is most likely why.

I guess technically, legally what happened was a sexual assault. The guy had a knife on him.