Parents having sex in the other room

As a child there was nothing worse than hearing my mum have sex.

She had different boyfriends and once she had sex with a stranger in my bed.
I was furious!
I locked myself in the bathroom.
Slammed door and was screaming and swearing.

I thought it was disgusting and disrespectful to me.

When she later married she was moaning at a ski cabin where my friend and I in next room could hear.
No doors.
So disrespectful to embarrass me and my friend.

I started screaming at her that she could at least be quiet and not moan because we are trying to sleep and how rude for my friend to have to listen to my mum moan.

My mum always put sex before me and her boyfriends too and I hated her for it.

I love her unconditionally but it hurt.

Remember when she only had me weekends yet spent the whole weekend having sex while I was bored and neglected and sad etc stuck inside n to young to go out by myself in that neighbourhood where her boyfriend was.

I can’t stand to hear other people have sex.
Neighbours etc

I loved my mum and still do and always will but her and sex… yuck!

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What is it about young people that bothers them about their parents having sex. I knew my mom was doing it when I was 12 or 13 years old and didn’t think anything about it. She was divorced and had boyfriends.

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Still? Man, it’s been like 6 hours.

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