Paranoid about water still

i still feel paranoid when it comes to drinking water, if i don’t taste the water then its okay but as soon as unflavored water touches my tongue my mind jumps to , "its poisoned don’t drink it"
i put these little powder packets in my water. my favorite is early sun rise it tastes like sunny d. just wondering if anyone else has this problem or if its just me

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I’m very picky about my water. I can pretty much only drink bottled or distilled. Even water from a brita filter makes me uneasy. I’ve actually felt nauseous before trying to drink tap water. It’s a pain.

Sometimes I worry that I taste chemicals in my food, or feces.

I drink ‘Vitamin water’ from the store. I really don’t care for plain water esp not ‘tap water’. I don’t worry about it being poisoned though. That would be hard. Sorry about that.

I don’t have issues with tap water, i drink it a lot actually, but sometimes i think food smells rotten or is poisoned (when i know logically it isn’t). In those cases i usually have to make myself something else to eat, or skip eating. In the past I’ve tried to force myself to eat the “bad” food and it just makes me feel sick.

I still drink out of the garden hose, hasn’t killed me yet.