Do I need to worry about the water?

I drink water from the tap because I can’t afford filtered water. I wonder what chemicals are in it that escaped notice at the water treatment plant? Someone said estrogen. I once flushed recreational drugs down the toilet and I wish I had put it in the landfill.

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If you’re paranoid about their being mind altering chemicals in the water - I would think that’s a delusion.

If you’re worried about how clean it is - it depends heavily on your location. I stopped drinking tap water a few years ago out of taste preference. It tastes pretty bad in the south of England. Especially where you compare it to Scottish water.

I stopped eating and drinking years ago because I thought there was poison or some drug in it.

I ended up in hospital.

I drink the tap water now.

If you’re worried you could buy a filter or boil your water first.

When my mum and grandma visited me they boiled the tap water then put it in the fridge.they thought the tap water tasted strange that’s why they boiled it before drinking.


I started using a water filter when I Moved out. They are not that pricey. You can get a pitcher from target for less than $30. It has sand or something in it that pushes the water through and naturally filters it so it gets rid of any toxins or chemical/metallic taste.

You just have to refill it and keep it in the fridge. In tap water you could have exposure to mold or algae, less likely but using the brita filter could help purify it if you’re that concerned…


I think there is very good reason to be concerned about drinking tap water. Find a video on the topic, tap water is filthy. The purist water you can drink is distilled water and they tell you it is bad for you.

I also use a water filter from Brita. I prefer it to tap water.

I also buy bottled sparkling water.


This was something that was taken incredibly out of context by sensationalists. The actual study indicated that there was groundwater contamination of estrogen. The water from the tap was not affected, because it is already treated and processed. The local wildlife had increasing rates of hermaphrodism due to the estrogen in the drainage ditch near a neighborhood. The theory was that it was caused by women who were taking birth control and then urinating.

Your local town website should have current reports on tap water in the area. If there is an issue, they should deliver a warning. If there is not an issue, the water is safe to drink.

I paid $25.00 to have my well water tested. I expected to receive a detailed list of contaminants and amounts discovered. Instead I received a printout saying nothing more than “Within normal limits.” I haven’t drank or cooked with it since. I will never have it tested again either.

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