Who buys water in the city where the tap water is clean?

who does this? I know who, but I can’t seem to get to their heads and understand their rationale

It’s quite absurd

off topic cause i don’t want to make a new thread, but does coffee relax anyone else rather than make you hyper for anyone? it makes me calm and relaxed + more focused

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We always buy bottled water. I haven’t drank from the tap in years. And coffee does give me better focus I believe.

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is your tap not clean?

I just don’t trust it.

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It’s a little tough to trust municipal water right now. I drink from the tap, but I can understand people who don’t, regardless of what the city reports.

I know the people who work for the town water system. They are … uh … I can’t think of anything that doesn’t involve profanity. We have a very good filtration system in our home as a result.

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my old apartment was in town and the water tasted like it was coming out of a lead cup…or you know mixed with blood, very metallic tasting

Add to that the extremely high number of little kids getting diagnosed with learning problems and certain kinds of cancer?

Yet the towns analasys of the water says everything is ‘pure’ they even say it has a particulate count of only 300 parts per billion, yet they also claim it has 500 parts per billion in flouride…and 800 parts per billion in ‘calcium’ So how can it only have 300 parts per billion in particles, but 1,300 in parts per million in particles of known metallic substnaces (Flouride is actually considered a metal by some chemists and the type of calcium powder they mix into the water has metal like qualities…)

Tap water can also taste horrible…

My city sent out a flyer with the bill explaining that because the state has changed their standard of safe to a higher number, our town’s drinking water is now well below the accepted limit of safe.
They don’t recommend getting excited, just buy bottled water if you don’t want to produce genetically mutated offspring for generations to come.

Do I really care? I still drink outta the garden hose for pete’s sake, then again, 6 people out of the 13 houses on my block have died of cancer in the past 10 (out of 23) years I’ve lived in this house.

Coffee is good for relaxing I agree. I drink a cup or two before I go to sleep, no problem, my dad was the same way.

When I was psychotic, I believed that not consuming tap water, because of the fluoride, gave me powers.

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I don’t drink tap water, it always tastes bad, although they said it’s good.

I used to buy only bottled water -spending a lot of money on it (not worth it)

I changed my ways, and now drink from a filtration system from my fridge.

Drinking filtered tap water is not so bad.

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In Scotland we have some of the finest mineral waters going but is too expensive. I drink tap water though it does smell a bit chemically.

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I have no problem drinking tap water. Though I’ve seen people who live in my building buying bottled water in bulk which makes me think they won’t touch it, probably feed the dog bottled. I mean I know there’s polution from the old airforce base that dumped death into the ground for just about the length of the cold war. and now there’s cancer cluster outrage about landfills in the next town over.

I don’t know, I still drink tap. I remember my brother getting back from a Dave Mathews concert in New Jersey one day and he told me one of the musicians was from Africa and when given the microphone he declared that urban New Jersey had the best tap water he’d ever tasted. And the crowd went…wtf?. So there you go. What doesn’t kill you…doesn’t kill you as far as I’m concerned.

My fridge dispenses water but I don’t drink from the sink cus it’s never cold enough. And we buy bottled water which I put kool aid in :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it used to make me sleepy.

Our water is pretty shitty but I still usually drink it. I do buy bottled water for my fish though!. I do think you are missing the point. The point being that most tap water tastes like garbage.

There are Natural Mineral Water and Reverse Osmosis Water here in Malaysia. The latter is much cheaper because they use clean tap water to process.

I visited Australia before and their branded Natural Spring Water cost exactly to that of Coca-cola.

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think of it your creating a business giant whos profiting off the absolute highest abundant resource on the planet. that’s a solid dollar… not a lot of breaking necks put into that id say! just support who you love.