Check yourself before you wreck yourself

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I am on 8mg too. it’s great.

I still feel paranoid on 8mg. Not a lot tho

I feel half crazy today. but maybe it’s natural to have some breakthrough symptoms.

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How so? U ok???

fine. you???

I’m OK. Thinking bout smoking a blunt even tho it makes me paranoid. Insanity. I prob won’t but I’d like to.

Damn it, man!

I feel like you’re not helping you,

Trash your weed!!

I’m not gonna smoke. I don’t even have any.

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When I was in my early twenties I went through a period where weed made me feel awful. Just super paranoid and like I was melting or something.

It was a constant struggling cycle of wanting to get stoned, knowing it was going to be terrible, smoking anyway, and feeling like ■■■■.

At this point, I feel like my weed habit is more about routine than anything else, it just doesn’t help.

Being crazy is rough.

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That describes what I’m going through.

I am on 9mg. it helps.