Paranoia is a bitch

I remember when I was full blown paranoid I thought I was never going to come right.

My god paranoia sux


Paranoia is surely a bitch … but cognitive and negative Symptoms are bitch too…!!!


I don’t know. The worst for me was when I was like 13 and 14. I would be walking in the street and would be feeling extremely anxious when cars past me and thinking the people in the cars were looking at me. Like extremely anxious. I was also really anxious when I would get to school and be walking past people in the school. I would be forcing myself to yawn trying to act like I was calm.

It wasn’t until 15 that I really became mental though.


I had other sorts of paranoia later on as the years progressed. I guess feeling like someone was going to kill me or the police would get me.


Last night I was just so paranoid after I hallucinated something slapping my glass door. Man it sucks, dude


when cars pass me by I feel they are going to stop and kidnap me.


Paranoia is just awful. Terrible. I suffered from it my entire adult life. And I think even as a kid. I’ve only been free of it in the past year. And it’s such a blessing. Halleluiah for self care techniques. And for psychotropic medications.

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Yes that’s the kind of paranoia I still get
I feel walking through town like all eyes are on me

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Every single day thinking one person is got a hit contract out on you is exhausting not trusting family or friends because what if they collaborate
To the killer or if it’s about money
I was just told recently that it can make you have delusions that you feel physically that drives your paranoid thoughts

When I’m paranoid, I sometimes can’t sleep, I can have small panic attacks and everyone is out to get me and kill me.


@Chestnut, I’m the same. Can go days with no sleep, go for walks in the middle of the night, forget to eat as too much on my mind.

It’s painful in a way out of control…

Yeah, I relate. I get a lot less sleep now due to paranoia as well.

Paranoia can be so subtle too. It can affect you on every level of your thinking and your brain will justify those strange thoughts to make reality.

Paranoia is a cruel master!


paranoia is awful. it clouds judgement and blurs reality. it can move from big to little things and not always be aware of it happening. it can start small and grow bigger and encompass more aspects of your life until out of desperation/protection your world becomes very small. And when it’s so big it can even be hard to get help because even that can become part of the paranoia. I wonder if those that don’t have it could possibly understand how devastating it can be. I wish I didn’t know it.

I’m really paranoid. I don’t know if some of it is because of OCD but a lot is because of what the beings say. I’m afraid to be standing around or walking outside because I’m afraid I’ll get shot. I’m afraid of police officers for the same reason. I’m even afraid to go to school because I’m afraid people will hurt me. I’m afraid people hate me and want to hurt or kill me. And I always have this feeling that I’m being watched. I can feel eyes on me.

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