Paranoid People

One of my symptoms is paranoia. I get paranoid, and it ranges from mild to moderate lately. When I was very ill, it got severe. It seems to be related to my anxiety at times, but not always. Anyone else suffering from paranoia on a daily basis like me?

I suffer from paranoia every day too. When I’m outside, if I see a cop car, I get antsy. I think they’re coming to arrest me for a crime I didn’t commit. Other stuff too, but don’t really feel like getting into it here.

I suffer from chronic paranoia of probably a moderate intensity, in that as far as i know it isn’t delusional. I find it very hard to separate the anxiety from the paranoia.
I would say paranoia is a daily thing for me and medication lessens the intensity rather than takes it away completely.

i used to suffer terribly but it was lead by voices and now i take what they say with a pinch of salt i’m not paranoid with the general public at all, or my friends. i have certain beliefs, backed up by scars and what i’ve seen but they r separate to my everyday existence. can i get paranoid about my beliefs? well the voices try and lead me in that direction but i don’t allow them to phase me anymore. they’ve been threatening for so long that it got a bit boring to b honest and i no longer hold the fears i once did. nowadays i’m like “■■■■ it. what will b will b and if it’s gonna happen i’ll enjoy my life till it does.” so no. no paranoia really.

I also feel like cops are going to harass or arrest me for something I didn’t do, or anyone with authority. I have paranoia every day, whether it’s in public being fueled by social anxiety, or at home thinking there are cameras and voice recorders around. When I was working it was even worse. On the job it was obvious to people what I was, paranoia that bad shows. It’s not as bad as it was before, now that I take meds and don’t work, but it still sucks.

Yeah, I get paranoid about :oncoming_police_car: often, also @firemonkey meds soften the paranoia but doesn’t eliminate it for me as well - I too have a hard time separating the paranoia from my anxiety

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I think my anxiety sort of grows into paranoia. I’m nervous about something so my head circus will start to play and tell me all the things that can go wrong and then on and on it goes until I’m convinced my life is in danger or it’s just going to be too dangerous to go do what I was going to do.

I don’t to upset at cops much anymore. I know a lot of them around here. I do get upset when I see someone who fits my personal arbitrary description of a kidnapper. Then I’m back to a few of my old habits.

I get paranoid too. When I am expecting some one back, and they are taking a lot longer than usual.


That will do it for me… Kidnappers. Right back to kidnappers.

It’s never heavy traffic or stopped at the market… I go right to kidnappers and then I call my sis every 10 until she gets home. She doesn’t stop off at market any more with calling me and leaving a message on the machine.

My paranoia acted up big time when the media reported on Y2K, December 2012. Then the televangelists started going on about an upcoming apocalypse. Now it seems the zombie apocolypse is the latest fad. :hammer:

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I have it, the doctor calls it extreme paranoia. Eg. what I believe in isn’t real to him. I take meds but paranoia is the only symptom that sticks around.

I get paranoid about people, especially my partner. I have good reason to believe someday my mother in law will get caught stealing from a big name super market and take my partner down with her. That’s my fear every time they go to the store. I am also paranoid of my in laws, they make fun of me for various reasons so i don’t like to hang around them just because i anticipate their insults and jokes. I know they make jokes about my mental illness, once even referring to me as broken in the head. I start overly thinking, “maybe i am broken in the head” and it grows from there.

I don’t think that there is such a thing as Paranoid People.

I do believe however that some people may be paranoid at times. “Paranoid People” gives the impression that the active paranoia is greater in scale than the very person his or herself, and that the paranoia is the overall master.

@INTROBC You are entitled to your opinions - :wink:

This makes sense to me. Although not quite in a ‘life in danger’ way. More in a something is going to go wrong and i’m going to be punished/ridiculed kind of way.

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Paranoia has kept me alive. I know for a fact it is healthy to be a little paranoid.

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i thought everyone on here was paranoid, or wait is that just me…who said that…
take care

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My son has it everyday that someone will kill us…

I walk around being paranoid but I am not always aware of it.

i think even healthy people r paranoid to a certain extent. it’s one of the tools that enabled the human race to survive and thrive. i don’t really give it much thought anymore tbh. as a parent u worry but nothing out of the ordinary paranoia about illness and if ur child is late home.