Paranoia attacks

Does anyone else get paranoia attacks? I’m not really paranoid all the time. But I get these massive attacks where I think my parents are watching me and talking about me. I always think my dad is gonna search my car. Just wondering how your schizophrenia affects you.

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Yeah I get parnaoia at times. Sometimes it can be really subtle so for me I wonder why people say what they do and how that relates to me. It’s positive symptoms and worth checking with your doctor. Sometimes a med change can help…It took me a while but I’m pretty stable on 10mgs of zyprexa. I was on 7.5 mgs for a while but going up to 10 helped with that paranoia and the positives.

Yes I get them and they cause anxiety

yea i get really paranoid at times too…

I get attacks of paranoia, sometimes. When I’m in public, sometimes other people’s conversations make me think they’re talking about me. I often feel like cameras are watching me, with people trying to frame me for a crime.

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Yep me too. I’ll be okay for a while and then the paranoia kinda blows up and I’ll start thinking I’m being watched/surveilled/stalked. Those “attacks” usually last for only a few hours. If I’m going into psychosis, though, it won’t let up at all until a med adjustment.

I do get attacks of paranoia at times yes. Fortunately they are infrequent due to my being on three AP meds.

What you mean by that

I get paranoid a lot.
Sometimes it’s subtle, off meds it’s delusional and severe!

This sounds like what I go through. It can last from 30 mins to 12 hours. It’s honestly usually when I drink. So I’m trying to quit.

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