Paranoia annoy ya


How do you guys combat paranoid thoughts? They’re manageable and don’t last long, but frequent. I’ve been making songs trying to cope. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate long enough to write.


I just try to shut them out and ignore them. Unless I’m having a psychotic break, then I’m overwhelmed with paranoid delusions and fully believe them and get terribly freaked out.


I remove my self from the situation(s) if possible. My pdoc says I shouldn’t do that but rather I should stay and face it. It seems smarter to leave because if I’m staying I may say or do something that could have consequences.


Well for me it was all about finding the right medication. Since that has happened, my paranoia has significantly reduced. Don’t get me wrong, some things still bug me, and sadly i avoid them because otherwise i get too uncomfortable. But overall my medication has helped me heaps.


I try to avoid situations that i know are gonna make me paranoid. I have a pretty good idea of where i can go and what i can do. At home i try and drown out the paranoia with music or something to distract myself on my headphones. I also take my meds as prescribed.


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