Paranoia after dinner

I have been experiencing a lot of paranoia right after i eat. Could this be change in blood sugar? For some reason when we eat as a family i start to feel uncomfortable after im done eating. And feeling uncomfortable always leads to paranoia for me. I spent almost all night trying to catch my breath.


I have very little idea. Could you ask your doctor whether eating certain foods might be affecting your Gaba levels, and whether Gaba fluctuations might relate to very long symptoms of alcohol withdrawal?

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I dont think its the food. We had vegetables, rice, and salmon. Fish is supposed to be good for your brain. Its just this weird feeling of “now what” that comes over me

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Rice contains GABA, particulary brown rice, which could stimulate your brain in some way. It may not be that, but a possible explenation.

im diebetic and my sugars are finally getting into the normal range

my sugars dont seem to cause any issue unless very high or low

do you have anxiety eating in front of people

i hate eating in front of people i feel they will judge me and makes anxiety and paranoia

does it happen with all meals or only ones with your family

just a thought

hope it gets better

I kinda have anxiety eating in front of others cause i eat very fast. I feel like my parents will think im fat

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I think it’s the family social setting causing your paranoia. Not the food.


Yeah. I dont think its the food either.

ya i have anxiety eating in front of people too

especially my extended family they make comments about my health

really they are saying im too fat

im trying to loose weight but its hard on these meds

now its just me and my mom so im ok

but on holidays and birthdays we are with people

i dont eat i say im not feeling well

i know you cant do that but i hope you are able to find away to ignore them cause the anxiety is awful

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Tonight was fine. I think part of me gets nervous about having to do dishes. Like the clean up part of dinner. I know it sounds stupid but i dont like doing anything after dinner. Im usually full and just want to chill.

i get ya

im lazy come this time of night

my mom does everything

i feel guilty but she says she doesnt mind its like her therapy doing dishes looking out the window watching the dogs play in the yard

she still does my laundry most of the time too cause she says its a waste of water to do only one persons laundry at a time

she is all get up and go around 7am till about 5pm

then i usually kick in feeding the dogs putting them in and out and getting laundry from the dryer but that is all i do

we usually split cooking one day her the next me

i cant complain she is always there for me

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