Paranoia and Delusions

So I had this really bad anxiety attack because my friend did some acid and I thought everything he touched had acid on it. So when I touched the things he touched I was so convinced I was gonna get high off it and completely lose it.
After about two hours I was able to calm down a little bit and fall asleep. Now everyday since then I feel this weird edgy tingling feeling almost 24/7 and my thoughts go out of control. It’s gotten to the point that I think there’s acid in my food no matter what kinda food. I’m scared to eat half the time. Same with drinks. My anxiety is now so easily triggered. I haven’t been able to pull myself together since that really bad attack and idk what to do. I’m still waiting for a call but in the mean time I don’t want to lose my mind. I don’t want to freak out so bad that It Doesn’t ever go away. I also now get this feeling of things being so real that it’s unreal… kinda hard to explain

Hi, welcome to the community! It sounds like you’re dealing with a lot of anxiety and paranoia right now. Do you see a doctor or therapist?

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Side note, but this is an anonymous forum and we encourage people to use fake names or nicknames here. Would you like me to change your username to something else?


Not yet I’m waiting for a therapist to call me. My mom has a case worker that helps put alot and I let her know and she made a request.

And yes I would like to

What name would you like?

I would like it to be KuaiGriffy

I’m still paranoid that my food is laced with drugs.
I had a very bad trip with mescaline in college.

I haven’t been the same since.

I suffer with OCD.

I still think my food is poision, it doesn’t ever go away. But things can get better with medication and therapy. I urge you to, if this goes on, to have therapy.

Crazy thing is I never been drugged or on any hallucinogens. I had this 5 years ago and the thought finally went away and now its back harder to deal with. I didn’t go to a hospital or get help it just all the sudden went away. But for some reason the thoughts just went go away. But hopefully medication will help me.

Right now I’m just waiting but it just ruins the quality of my life I hate it

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Talk to a doctor but it sounds like your anxious.
Could be OCD.

Stop waiting and get the treatment you deserve, it’s your own health.


So did you go through this aftershock from that bad trip

Yes and I still have this fear till this day.
It didn’t go away.

I mean it’s gotten better but I still have a fear of getting drugged in restaurants especially.

I rarely eat or drink in public and the foods I buy from the market is inspected by me or I won’t eat it.

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I almost want to go against my mind and do what dosen’t want me to do but it takes so much will power and its so hard to just over come it.

We’re you officially diagnosed by a psychiatrist?

On top of my OCD and anxiety I suffer with psychosis.

About 5 yrs ago with Anxiety and depression

I use to take meds but I eventually stopped taking them

If you don’t suffer with hallucinations or delusions, it’s probably just anxiety or ocd.

I would get evaluated again by a psychiatrist.

Meds could help.