what do u feel on it?

I feel good. Raises prolactin levels too much though

How does prolactin affect female? Just wondering.

Few menstruation, lactation and bigger boobs

I take invega sustena injections once a month, which is a paliperidone. Started with 150 mg for a few months, then went down to 100 and am now taking 75. I think it works well with few side effects. It gives me a good grip on reality. I also take vitamins B complex, C, D and omega 3s which I feel all help. Going to start sarcosine soon and am looking forward to that.

How did the sarcosine go?

I was stable on it. but the lack of pleasure from doing things was lame. it wasnt intolerable though. the real problem for me was that it didnt help me with the positive symptoms at all and it caused weight gain. if it did get rid me of symptoms, i would be taking it untill this day without much remorse.

When I took Risperdal and Invega I kept going on other meds hoping for a better result but always had to go back to what I was on before. Well after my last misadventure I’ve decided enough is enough. Paliperidone is definitely my drug of choice. When I went back on it for the last time I noticed the improvement immediately. It’s not perfect but with antidepressants added and a little loxapine I can live with it much better. It is difficult to deal with the restrictive diet I have to use to keep the weight off but you have to do what you have to do.

I take Invega, I like it. I have tried saphris and zyprexa as well but I didn’t like either of those. Invega has the least amount of side effects for me out of the three I have tried.

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I was manic on paliperidone, even on the injection.

İ m using paliperidone since 7 months and if you look yourself there is no problem at gain weight no dizzyness.

only problem can raise prolactine level a bit but i m so satisfy from results.(xeplion)invega sustenna is the best drug as far as i know.but as i said before you have to look for have to avoid sugar and fatty food as have to exercise daily.for example i get member of one local pool and i swim one hour daily and i loose 300gr in four invega sustenna best drug so far for me.

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meds work for different people in different ways.

I had used invega for about 1 year, i had suffered alit from it,negative symptoms precepitated ,prolactin level is very high (l had suffered low libido) and the most annoying symptom is restless leg syndrome.
consequently i had stopped it.

I think the difference is subtle with sarcosine, but it helps you feel a bit better. They say try it for 6 months, so I’m going to order more when Im running out and see it through. I really hope it helps heal your brain, that’s my main reason for taking it, along with omega 3s

are you taking something else instead?