Anyone on invega sustenna

Hey everyone my name is ivan I’m new to the group and currently I’m on 116 mg of invega but I’m thinking of going up to 156 mg to try to be more productive but scared of weight gain again and as I currently lost a couple pounds but also want to be more sane so that’s why im going back up any advice will help thank you

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yes I am on that, and lots of people on here are

do you get injections? I take 6 mg oral pill of paliperidone, generic Invega.

no advice, except if you don’t need the increase, don’t do it.

welcome to the forum.

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Hello ivan welcome to this community. Im on invega(xeplion)100mg and im fine as for positive symptoms. An increase in your antipsychotic dose might make you feel more sedated but as you said if you want to be more sane then go for it, talk about this with your psychiatrist. Good luck to you :four_leaf_clover:

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Hello Ivan I am on 159 mg invega …if u want to increase go for it but don’t end up reducing back because that will give side effects like insomnia and anxiety …it’s been two years since the injection …I might go to 234 and don’t worry it won’t make u gain weight if it is already not

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I have lost 35 pounds in 6 months since switching to invega 234mg from seroquel

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Thanks guys and girls and yeah I feel like maybe going up will get rid of my fear and that’s inspiring hearing you lost weight

I take the 116 mg shot

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im on it. 234mg. I gained a bit of weight but my weight has been stable for the last year.

in my experience it takes a little patience to establish a new normal. I had some depression and anhedonia for awhile but after a couple years, im feeling more emotions and having more energy.

im not an expert on meds, the only meds I’ve been on is Risperdal, and Invega. I prefer Invega to the Risperdal.


I’m on invega sustania and was on it before too. The shot, I’m not sure of the dosage. I actually lost wieght while on it, like 100lbs. Through diet and excersize. I can’t say I ever noticed bad side effects from it. There may have been some, but I didn’t notice them.

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Weird question do any of you work and on this medication just for inspiration

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What do you mean. Meds correct. There’s no inspiration.

I don’t take Invega, I take Geodon. But I did work full time for many years. I’m currently on parental leave, but will be returning in a few months.

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I work at home and lay on bed some, but I have improved since I started AD Prozac.
I really suggest AD with it if you get depressed and lay on bed a lot.

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Thanks to everyone again

Hi! Welcome.

I take 234mg monthly. 156 didn’t control my symptoms. I am also on Abilify 10 mg to combat negatives and the unmotivation, lack of enjoyment side effects from invega.

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So you mean to tell that YOU NEVER GO BACK TO HAVE THE BRAIN YOU WERE BORN WITH? This injection causes permanent changes???

Kind regards

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