Paliperidone (Invega) increasing my weight and hard to lower it!

Hi so I take 6mg of Paliperidone (Invega) and I am noticing that my weight keeps going up even if I walk an hour everyday and somewhat watch my diet. What other options do I have now to lower my weight? Thanks!


Diet even more, and exercise by running stairs, that’s what worked for me

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I just want to say welcome back @froddo!!!

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My weight is going up and down. But, it’s mostly on a down trend. I am exercising everyday and counting my calories every day on a calorie counting app. That’s what it takes.

I’ve been on invega for years. At first it gave me weight gain but after my buddy got use to it it doesn’t make me gain weight anymore. Although it’s hard to lose this belly but at least it’s not that bad

watch your sodium and water intake. the more water and salt in your body the more you are going to eat

Exercise can be difficult because of motivation, learn portion control and if you can manage your intake you’ll eventually get back to normal with some consistent dieting. I ballooned to 280 pounds but now I’m down to 259, I’m hopeful that over the next year or two that I can get down to 180. Here’s hoping I make more progress now that summer’s coming and I can get walking my dog without the weather really affecting my depression.