Overwhelming sense of terror

But no thoughts (positive symptoms) or paranoia to accompany it, I just feel like i am going to lose my mind anytime soon. Heart feels like its beating faster but its really not i checked blood pressure. I can’t sit still, very restlessness, mentally drained, have enough sleep but it does not feel enough. Can someone tell me am i about to lose my mind. Sorry for keeping on posting but i don’t know what the HELL this is I am feeling.

You’re relapsing, correct? It must be it. Get some emergency medication from you’re doctor or pharmacist. You seem to be getting worse. Going off of meds is not working for you. Maybe call your local hospital and tell them what’s going on. See if they will give you some medication. Keep on posting all you want if it makes you feel better or if it helps.

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Thanks I don’t want to be a bother though I just hope the scary thoughts don’t follow

It’s OK to be a “bother” if you are going through what you’re going through. Besides I don’t think you’re being a “bother”.



I’m so sorry your feeling like this. It sounds scary. It sounds like me when I’m getting the agitated racing thoughts and the hit of hyper energy, but no way to focus it.

I do hope you find a way to take some time off and decompress from the stress of this. When do you get to see your doc?

Believe me, you NOT being a bother. I sort of figured this is the very sort of thing this site is for. Reassurance and ideas on how to get through these glitch days.

I’d say Nick is right, going off meds at this time doesn’t seem to be helping you. I hope you can find a doc to help you soon so you feel better. It’s not fun being stuck in this loop.


Thank you for the support. Although I don’t really deserve it, I was the one who came of meds when I was not ready.

Please stop that. You do deserve support and kindness.

You worked with your doc, you tried something new, and it didn’t work at this time in your life.

Deep down we would ALL love to be med free and not have to have med side effects. There are some who can do it. I haven’t met many, but there are some. Don’t beat yourself up for trying. You tried to be wise about it.

I do hope you feel better soon. Don’t feel too down on yourself for this. I also beat myself up a lot over stuff like this. It only makes me feel worse. My therapist works with me a lot to drill in to my head… that I shouldn’t completely derail myself over a setback.

You have insight and that will help you get back on track very soon.

I’m rooting for you.

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well, I hope you learn from this ish? NEVER go off your meds…you’re mentally ill and you need meds just like if you had a cold you would need meds for that so why not take meds for illness? Please know I care about you and am very sorry about what’s happening to you…I know you’re in pain right now…I wish you could get meds !!

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Aww means a lot. I agree, there should be no shame to take meds. I have written to my doc that I can’t wait too long to see someone and hopefully she’ll get back to me. Maybe even put me back on meds. I thought though I should wait for an assessment but i really can’t wait that long.

this is basically what it feels like ’ not ’ being on meds, welcome to my world, i just ride this stuff out…eventually you calm down.
try calming teas e.g camomile, music, walk in nature, bath with lavender oil, and slow breathing…
eating protien helps to calm the mind, no sugars or stimulants of any kind, this includes soda drinks…
go see your doctor as soon as you can…
know some one cares.
take care.


It seemed to be a panic attack it is over now. But it lasted a few days. I seem ok today. But I don’t know how I will be later.

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