Oversexual thinking as a child

Okay so this is very personal but I am just curious if I am the only one out there with this problem. Ever since I was 4 or 5 I have had an overly sexual imagination. That is before I even knew what sex was! I am constantly thinking about sexual things and it is very annoying.

It can be over whelming, especially if manic, I get thoughts I don’t even want and normally have no interest in

It makes me exhausted at times just because I am fighting it so much

I think schizophrenia shows up much earlier than they say, it is just there in a more suttle form when young

No your not the only one.
Had huge problems with thus and still do
Ran with some people that did see it as a good thing and over sexual views actions and worse become the normal for us.

Still dealing with it. That’s the short story the long one is possibly triggering and more like horror

some nuerosurgeon psychologist did a case study on that… he calls it the phallic stage in development everyone basically goes through; basically he states children around age 3/5… develop sexual feelings towards the opposite sex parent and try to chase the other away so they can stay with - in your case, so you can stay with you father… lol

but then again, he also says the only way people get cured from schizophrenia is when they go home to their parents and live a normal family life with them… but I’ll prove it’s not the only way… and very soon
By normal family life ; he meant going to family gatherings events… going out together etc - basically stuff you probably use to do when a child. Aside from that, he says there’s no other way

No I never had sexual thoughts about my father thank goodness.

No thoughts of family here either

was more of an intense attraction towards … point of view… a.k.a always wanting to be around your dad and never liking when your mom is around

No it wasn’t like that at all. I loved hanging out with both of my parents

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yea… everyone in class had the same feeling :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, when I asked my Dad about it, he said the men in our family have a high libido.

I think it has to do with OCD maybe

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I don’t have OCD, I don’t Have OCD, I don’t have OCD


I always wondered if other people experienced this as well (no attraction towards parent). Since I was 2-3ish I was already hypersexual (Caught doing things from that age on until I learned to be in better control). Its hard to even talk about this because it makes everyone so uncomfortable generally. All I could think of was sex once I found a book at church explaining it for kids. Almost had sex at 10… The hypersexuality has lasted well into adulthood, though with periods of no desire at all.

I’ve read one study that pointed out that this is one of the earliest possible symptoms of Bipolar and Sz in toddlers. One of the reasons its overlooked is because people immediately assume the child is being sexually abused, and the belief that Sz/bipolar symptoms don’t manifest until way later.

For ref, I’m female.


I had issues with ahem touching myself until I got married. That is so interesting that it is linked with bp and sz. I must have had this illness all my life. I was close to having sex with my neighbor when I was 9.

I had the same issues, get you in a lot of trouble, but I was also a super hyper kid

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I seriously thought I was the only one with this problem.


Heres some articles you may find interesting/helpful.


^ Last link mentions schizophrenia