Oversexual thinking as a child

Those are awesome articles thanks! It all makes sense now

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I am convinced I have bp now. I am currently diagnosed with ocd and sz, but when I went to the hospital they said I had bp as well

well if you do have bp and sz it generally gets combined into SzA dx

I think I am BP and Sz, but it depends on what Doctor you talk to they all have a different opinion, one can only read up, talk to others and professionals and after awhile come to a conclusion on their own

That is what I just thought too. I think right now I am having a manic episode

Yeah I will. I am going to a new doc next month

I have OCD it might even be my primary diagnosis according to my psychiatrist.
Unwanted intrusive thoughts including those of a sexual nature keep plaguing me.
It’s common to have all kinds of bizarre obsessive thoughts with OCD.

I don’t have them all the time like my violent intrusive thoughts.

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Well, opinion gets really important to be distinct when you’re on disability. When I was approved 3 or so years ago it was on just a bp dx. But if they ever decide to do a review it should be accurate ya know? The fact though that one pdoc could say bp, and another say sz is aggravating.

@wave I have those thoughts as well, though never dx’d with OCD. Wouldn’t doubt it though with everything else xD

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I feel you on the violent intrusive thoughts, my god. Those terrify me, they just happen and will be about my cats, my loved ones… then theres the ones that just happen when seeing people in public, immediate intrusive judgements that tbh i dont feel like are my thoughts.

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Yes! That is me in a nutshell

Sucks I get the same type of thinking time to time.
I’m no-one to give advice but I guess you could look at it like this.

if you think that the sexual things are disgusting and hate them, and wish them to leave, that is your real thoughts about them. So really you know you don’t want them, and are not about them.
Now convictions and intrusive thoughts are very strong, but in reality they are of imagination, and fighting your imagination/bringing reason to it or against it/ ends up being a futile battle against what your real intentions are and you end up kicking yourself, trying to take out a bullet and cauterize the wound, when there was no bullet to begin with.

so I guess clarity of what you really think may help you see this better, as metaphorically you could be fighting this monster, but really your fighting the idea of what you really think.

so I guess some observations of the situation may be beneficial, really thinking about what you think and what you are experiencing, rather then just denying and fighting it saying it’s imaginary.

-hope this advice could help

I get hypersexual when hypomanic. It gets me in a lot of trouble. Last time it got me arrested and I’m still dealing with consequences from that.

As for when I was a kid… Yes. But it’s because I was molested when I was 7. It does that to you.

I get thoughts that are repugnant to me, but they’re not sexual. They’re racial. There is this one black guy that I start to think the “n word” when he is around. He knows it, too. So far he hasn’t gotten too angry about it, but I could reach the limits of his patience. I intend to make it up to him.

I get the same way when the black guy… Donquavius, seriously that’s his name… When he calls to remind me about my appointment. Just his lack of grammar and terrible English (even though he’s clearly American!!!) it makes me want to hurt him. Good thing I never see him in person.

It’s not like that with me. I think that thought just because I am mortified that I think it. So far this black guy has shown patience.


Weird, I’ve never had that problem.

Have you given any indication to him that you’re thinking this?

Yes. I think he gets it in my body language. I think that mostly he thinks it isn’t worth responding to, but I think it bothers him some.