Overdoses, what it takes to do real (physical) damage

I have started this thread in the recovery section because part of recovery for most of us is medication, and with any medication overdose is a constant worry/possibility.

First off I want to say that a certain drug that has a bad rep is extremely hard to overdose with.

pot. to overdose on pot you would have eat 5lbs of leaf in 3 hour period (some resources say 5 hour). I am bringing this up because a few weeks ago someone was reported to have died from eating pot brownies. Well a real doctor looked at the reports and determined it was physically impossible for the young man in question to have overdosed on pot given how much he had consumed. The reported amount was 11 brownies.

Now for perspective here, a single pot brownie typically has about 2 grams of pot leaf in it. It takes 5 lbs to overdose enough for your brain to shut down certain bodily functions, resulting in death. that’s a huge amount of brownies…

An independent autopsy determined the guy died of an underlying heart condition, exacerbated by his consumption of 8 cans of FourLOKO.

Yet the media outlet (a Texas online one that is, in my opinion, about as reliable for legit news as The Onion) continues to state the man died of marijuana overdose.

Meanwhile as these idiots are fousing on the wrong problem, peope with prescription meds are being given overdose amounts by irresponsible doctors.

Here in Maine, where I live, we had 45K reported Overdoses because a doctor either prescribed the wrong dosage, or the pharmacist read the written scrip wrong because the doctor had poor handwriting.


The most common overdosed medication? Anti Depressants. Certain Anti Depressants, when taken in large amounts, can stop your breathing.

The most common problem, different ADs have different dosage levels and some prescribing docs aren’t paying attention.

One woman reported that she switched from Latuda to another AD and the doc kept the dosage the same. she was on 160 MGs of latuda, the other medication, should have only been at 30 Mgs. She ended up in the hospital and when she asked her doc about it he replied “I was not aware of the difference in strength.”

Anyone else know of an overdose and ways to prevent it?

yea and if you are overdosing on anti psychotics , as pdocs often prescribe willy nilly wth they want to , who would ever suspect poor thing is after all psychotic anyways and its probabally their mental illness causing the psychosis so unpredictable it is

annnnd thats why you should insist on not go over the max dosage that has been scientifically proven to be safe they have that for a reason its because testing was done . If your physician prescribes a heart medication or blood pressure med over the dose on the patient safety info paperwork that you get with the meds bring it up with the doc

if you want to be a medical guinnnie pig you should at least get paid for it and then experiment with psychotropic drugs over the safe level