Like Wow, how could he have made this mistake?

I just found this story in my local paper, thought I would share. It is about a local court testimony on the perils of marijuana.

Essentially the hoax says, January 1st 2014 when marijuana was made legal in Colorado 37 people died. And since it has become legal people are dropping like flies. It is a public health epidemic and must be made illegal again, in order to save lives!

Of course it is a hoax. Simple because it is legal or illegal does not make it cause death. But the police chief sited the hoax when testifying in Maryland legalization hearings.

Lesson learned Police Chief.

All those lives lost to imprisonment for marijuana. All those lies, all that bull. Now it is all the opponents have left. It was an internet hoax, someone believed it and it was in turn testified in court as truth.

I hope that some of this new found tax money in CO and WA, will go to aiding the metal illness community as well as paving roads, and reducing debt. Because I believe it will bring out mental illness problems in the general population but its better than putting these folks in jail.

Yeah I started smoking pot at ago 14. I’m 52 now and I’ve never heard of anyone dying because they OD’d on pot. In fact I’ve never even heard of anyone who OD’d from smoking it, period. It might be possible I guess but I’ve gotten high with a lot of different people and smoked copious amounts of potent marijuana at one sitting and no one OD’d.

He’s right,…nobody ever told me that they dropped dead after smoking pot.

Lol. I guess if someone dropped dead from smoking ANYTHING their power of speech would be drastically curtailed!

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Hey soup, its nice to run into someone else whom is well read on marijuana. There always will be the anti pot force spreading false lies. There’s another story where doctors put marijuana to blame for the cardiac condition and death of 4 people. And then say ‘you CAN DIE if you smoke cannabis’.