Out of the hospital a little over 5 years now, why?

Because I take my meds.

I know it sounds simple and preachy, but my life was chaos before I started regularly taking my meds. Now, looking back at a five year span without a psychiatric hospitalization, it really strikes me just how many years I wasted being non-compliant.

Am I cured? No, I still have bad times here and there. I still have issues I struggle with but overall my quality of life has skyrocketed.

Do I like taking meds? No, I actually hate it. But I know what life was like without them, and that is considerably worse than the hassle and inconvenience of taking meds.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you’re off meds, or on the fence about taking them, just give it a try. I never imagined I’d be this stable this long.

/end preaching


That was very eloquent and exactly word for word how I feel almost every day. I’m nearly 5 years stable, med compliant sober and illegal drug free as well.

I’m pretty ticked off at myself for the time I’ve wasted. But I’m glad about the time I’m gaining.

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I hate taking meds too. All day long popping pills then feeling the side effects from taking them.
Without the meds, I would not function, it’s as simple as that for me. I really do not have a choice.

Well done Malvok

Yeah, I’ve seen all my symptoms gradually disappear from taking medication. I’m also about 5 years stable. Although, I have had substance abuse problems due to poor relationships. I had to change my cellphone number and cut some people out of my life to protect myself. I used to spend my allowance money on their drug habits. In my mind, I was just pleasing my friends, but I learned over time how manipulative they were. I’ve never had any run ins with the law, thank God. I quit drugs and alcohol as well. I feel a lot more like myself now but it’s hard afterwards. I never want to go back down that road again.

I was noncompliant with treatment, I would refuse meds offered my the psychiatrist and just tell my psychologist that alcohol and tobacco were my meds. I was in college on a full scholarship, so my parents actually gave me a liquor allowance and were amazed to see me function.

I got sick of alcoholism and my parents were concerned about me having a physiological dependence on it, and one night my friends didnt have liquor, just beer, and i had my moment of clarity; I did not want to drink twelve pints of liquid to feel normal. I went back to the psychiatrist within a week and started meds.

im so glad you are all here and posting. It is great for others to read and learn from. My son has had his illness for 3 years and hospitalized 4 x a year, this year 5. For the first time he’s on meds. Is he well, no but improving. I’m so thankful that his progress has been starting to take meds. He’s learning. I know what a struggle that can be. The Dr said it may not ever happen. But… you know I’m so thankful that each of you are on meds, not everyone does. And as the dr has said, it is not a choice. I’m so proud of you all. I have seen the outcome of no meds over many years, I get really scared.

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Makes me wish I could get back on meds, my emotions spike to sharp to be stable, but Seems my Pdoc changed into someone else and I seemed to disappear from my records.

That’s the same preach I needed to hear many years ago. Many untreated schizo’s out there. As long as I got my meds I am never never going back to the hospital. I can say with confidence that I will probably never relapse again ever.