Out late this morning for work

Well I am self employed… I drank a whole whack a coffee I’m up late so now its about that time to see if I can make some profit. I got my school bag with some heavy duty gloves a good glow and I’m going to go rummage around in the lost treasures that are found thrown out everyday.

Seriously its a good business its called dumpster diving I do it… I don’t think Ill ever be ashamed no matter how much money I have to do it. my uncle walter who owns basically a mansion gets all sorts of things that are being thrown out and fixes refurbishes them. as years went on from diagnosis I found out how to entertain a working mind (hard to do took me years)… keep 3 jobs for 3 months a piece and now I know how to make money on the side any day of the week. my motivation issues have never stopped me from being willing… and that earned me the resume I have today at 24. also I would like to say that I topped my monthly profits from 200 a month to 300 so far this month and its only the middle so I’m getting motivated lol.

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Continue creating short-term goals for long-term happiness. Your contribution to society is valuable :slight_smile: