Just sent some ideas

So i really want to make money on youtube but my sz keeps me from actively pursuing it…so i sent a few ideas to a decently sized professional youtuber…i only sent him phase one with minimal details kinda baiting my hook…i told him i have more ideas but we would need to discuss me getting a cut of the payoff and left my number and email…so im nervous i dont think he would just steal my idea but ill keep yall posted on how this goes wish me luck…

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Good luck :slight_smile:

its called an investment you got the brains for business. that’s very smart you got a millionaires mind. you get paid bonus, you don’t youll always learn more.

Good luck @flameoftherhine

No one on youtube is doing this yet and his millions of fans would eat it up…im not cocky or prideful but i feel confident in this like ive never really felt before…thanks for the support…worst thing he could do is say no and all i lose is the time it took to email him…its weird pitching a thought to someone i feel good about it though…


right on man I have been running a small business out of my house for the last six months and I don’t make a whole lot of money but I enjoy it very much its what keeps me sane really LOL

I can see you might have found your calling, do what makes you feel good once you actually start making money and putting in a bit of work theres nothing better.

That would be the rare dream job is real situation…that i could actually do with my sz and not have to worry about being fired because im sz’ing real bad.

Ill give ya a tip. If you could get a lawn that you do every week that would be one hour of work a week. and that 15-20 dollars goes a long way when your broke. and if you want to be self employed starting right away I can suggest something to ya… its not glourious sounding but its a good business and there is lots that do it. its call dumpster diving. you basically do what it says you rummage through businesses dumpsters for thrown out product. youd be surprised what you can find. its as easy as stealing lol. I wouldn’t literally get in the dumpster just haul out bags that look good (the truck could come and not see you I’m not trying to scare the shit out of you but all jobs have danger) the best part of it all is you have to have a mind for business. take anything worth money. once you have a collection of things they will sell eventually if you put the time. Like for example I found about 50 binders once. 65 vynils. 10 external hard drive connectors, 60 software cds. just be smart test out everything make sure it works don’t sell food out of the dumpster of course. take pride in your work and the ethics will follow. I also buy and trade off people. right now I’m wearing a huge nice ring and a thick gold (fake) chain that I bought for 10 dollars. I made 15 off something I bought off someone and got exactly what I paid for it, but I profited see that. realistically you have to get your money back in full or profit if you wanna do well. things that people set out by the road are good to.

I dont drive anymore and its hard for me to talk to people anymore…i usta buy and sell guns for profit…if they were broken and the parts were decently priced i would buy them for very little and fix them up for decent profit…i also usta fix peoples computers sometimes i would get $200 for about a days work…but like i said my human interaction is limited badly right now due to my sz…

well that’s ok but ill just let you know what was going on with me when I couldn’t interact well socially. I was going through anxiety, if your already diagnosed with sz maybe your confusing it with anxiety. try a couple bags of chamomile tea and see if you calm down any, took me a year to realize it but hey I can garuntee you can supress negative symptoms with the power of the mind. I am what they call I guess a functional sz because I abosoluetly refused the realities that were coming to me.

I take meds for the anxiety…ive been having disassociate identity disorder symptoms the last 2 months…im afraid to black out while driving…i made it 20 years with sz before i needed help and couldnt hide it…i just cant control or ignore very well any more…not having an antipsychotic that works is hindering me further…