Opinions on the Niqab

Looks like the election might hinge on this wedge issue…

What are your opinions? Should a person have to show their face when being sworn in as a Canadian citizen?

Or, no. We are infringing upon that person’s right to practice their own cultural freedoms.


  • Remove the niqab

  • Keep it on

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Remove it. I don’t trust anyone that refuses to show their face for a non medical issue.

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Those women wear their dresses because they dont want anybody besides their family and friends to trust them anyway.

I couldn’t walk into a Bank…drugstore…or supermarket wearing a mask…without the authorities being called.

Why should we be so graceful when it comes to showing your face while becoming a Canadian citizen?

Leave your baggage at home when you come over here is what I think. The niqab is just an excuse to subjugate women anyways.

Then why go in to politics?

Thats a tough issue. Here in Croatia, altough the muslim community is pretty wide, it was just a few years ago when women with hijab got allowed to wear it for an ID card.

Knowing that niqab is not strictly ordered to be worn in Quran, I think that finding the middle ground between tolerance and restrictions would be the best choice.

Only thing im sure about is that it doesn’t feel nice to be stigmatized and abjected, whether it is about niqab or something totally opposite.


The whole point of having an ID is to show a representation of what you look like everyday. I also think transgendered people should be allowed to wear makeup in ID photos.

You are well aware about Islam, how come since you are a westerner?

An individual’s person freedom should ALWAYS take second place to the safety of the community.

As far as I’m concerned, if a person is such a religious zealot that they refuse to show their face, they’re not good material for citizenship.

I think the niqab should be banned

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Obviously, I’m not quite western. : )
I’m born between a still-not-yet awaken Christian mother and nonpracticing Muslim father.
A moon child. :moon: and I’m still here lol

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Interesting combination, what about you, which religion do you mostly lean towards?

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No niqab here.

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I live in America. They just built an Islamic center by my house. I’ll be honest, it bothers me. I’m against multi-culturalism.

But…If I would have to choose, I would choose Islam because it doesn’t have that Holy trinity nonsense.

Edit: Sufism version

If I could pick any religion it would be Buddhism.

But islam as in sunni version has many bright sides that serves mankind and perseveres its existence, i know sufism is more about replenishing the spirit, but at the end of the day it is what makes more sense what matters.

Sufism believes that one can talk to God and receive messages from him, which is another side of schizophrenia. in Sunni version, you are prescribed few duties towards yourself and the community you live in and promised a rewarding life, now and in the hereafter.

I am a sunni but dont practice as in the many times i have attempted to it took me to unwanted places like the hospital for severe psychosis.

Deep inside i am a believer, but for my daily routine and life i rather be a secular person who believes in tangible materialistic life.

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