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What are your opinions on this? I know this will get probably taken down by the mods, but I wonder what it will be like to live in a totalitarian state like new york or canada. I hear thought crimes are a thing in western Europe as well. Freedom is disappearing at least that is what it looks like.

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It seems to be about stopping discrimination against trans people.


Which is a good thing… maybe our kids kids kids will be accepting of trans people…


Most definitely. Well I don’t have any kids. But hopefully my niece’s kids. There shouldn’t be any shame in being trans, it’s just a biological thing.


Yeah I know I was just saying we have a long way to go to be accepting of trans people. Most of the “millennials” are accepting of gay people…but a lot aren’t accepting of trans people. But one day we’ll get there. Same goes for racism and other bigotry.


I guess that is your interpretation. I heard that you could be put in jail for not calling someone by the right pronoun. I guess they don’t have something similar to the 1st amendment in canada.

I’m a Gen X er. If I were born maybe 3 years later I would be a millenial.It seems kind of silly to say they can’t use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. Wouldn’t it cause more distress and uproar to see a woman in a man’s bathroom, or a man in a woman’s bathroom. I’m talking about the gender they identify and dress as.

Especially if they are post-transition.


I guess it depends if you believe jordan peterson or brenda cossman more on the matter. I must profess I only reacted off what I heard people talking about. I am not a lawyer and have not read the actual bill and am not an expert on canadian law so I have to rely on what other people say. But I would say it is way to easy to be considered hate speech in some countries. Some of the channel I watch say they have been labeled hate speech but what they say isn’t that extreme. Seems like if brenda cossman is correct then there would still be potential for abuse.

I want to say that I have nothing against trans people. The only problem is that they seem to want me to use pronouns that I have never heard of. Are all the 30 something genders considered protected? That is a lot of confusion that is completely unnecessary in my opinion.

I don’t know anything about 30 genders.

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I’m just referencing what happened in new york. I don’t know if everywhere else has the 30 something genders. By the way if any trans person actually has the operation I will call them their pronoun. That is because I heard that the suicide rate among them is like 20 times higher than the general populace. That sucks. Some out grow it though.

Anyways thanks for the post I believe that maybe I was overreacting a bit.

IDK I can’t find anything by big name news sources about that. But I couldn’t find big name news agencies reporting the use of depleted uranium (chemical weapons) by us in Iraq and Syria and I can believe that.

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How would you even know that? Are you planning on checking under the hood? :rolling_eyes:

If someone asked me to use a specific pronoun to refer to them, I would honor their request. It’s important to me that everyone feels included and respected.


My post up there was about the 30 pronouns thing in NY btw.

So much fuss over things best kept personal. You shouldn’t have to show your birth certificate just to use a public toilet.

The only rules should be common sense:
*Keep your private “Pieces and Parts” just that, private. No public display of anything that shouldn’t be out in the sunshine.
*Respect the differences. If it isn’t familiar and not hurting you, leave it be.

  • Regardless of who or what you are, Keep the bathrooms clean!

I found something kind of referencing it. Mostly I heard about it on the television.

Those two articles do nothing for the Transgender groups to be more accepted in the mainstream, if anything, it seems to drive the gap farther apart.

Why can’t folks accept others at face value when they’re doing no harm?
If one don’t like what others are doing/being, then simply don’t join them, but there’s no reason to be rude about it.


According to Wikipedia NY Post is a Tabloid and daily caller got called out for false sex allegations where women were paid to make the allegations.

Those may not be good sources but I swear I have also heard it on a cable news station too. I just don’t have that source nearby…

Is this one okay?

I guess I can believe it’s possible, it just seems so odd. Many of the gender names mean exactly the same thing.
I would think any trans person would be more than happy with the “he” or “she” that they identify with.