[Opinion] Hacks and fakes. The real elephant in the room

Emphasis on opinion and why it’s so “hard” to get a “proper” mental health threatment nowadays.

Because faking disability is actually not bad way of living if you think about it. So the doctors need to be extra cautious and very careful when they are throwing around diagnosis left and right.

Ofcourse there are elder people and pensioneers but this is not my target audience. I’m talking about young studs and stacies who convince themselves that if they just get disability check they’ll be happy for the rest of their life.

Technically they aren’t wrong (from having free money perspective) and that’s why doctors are so careful and sometimes even reserved towards the patient. They need to protect themselves from hacks as well. So we should understand them and let them do their job. Authority in wrong hands probably isn’t the right answer, but I somewhat understand doctors and why they do the things they do.


When I went for disability they check meds, hospitalizations, etc.

You also need a report from an experienced psychiatrist and tell your story convincingly.

I think there are checks in place that give me confidence in a system that I would say works in 95% of the cases.

There is however always the 5 %.


I mean, disability is money,

But it’s not how most people want to get it.

They don’t give a enough to live well.

Sure, some people try to use the system,

Though I sincerely doubt it’s that much of an issue for doctors.

It’s more up to the government,


Just getting a schizophrenia diagnosis doesn’t automatically give you benefits.


Here in Britain it used to be the bad back that go you disability benefits. they clamped down on that now its anxiety and depression. I would think it would take a lot of dedication to pull off malingering psychosis and mania, especially mania would be hard to pull off. I’m safe to say not many people malinger schizoaffective disorder.


I’ve seen several mental health professionals and I can see that there are specific signs they look for when diagnosing severe mental illness – features that may not be in the DSM-V. There was a time when I thought I had Asperger Syndrome but that was clearly wrong, and I had Schizoaffective. I remember one doctor said I don’t have Asperger because I’m reflective. What? That’s not in the DSM-V. Heh. I remember another doctor asked me something and I turned my head to answer right away … then he said to the other doctor (in the room): “Not Asperger.”

I surmise that Asperger or high-functioning Autism can be described as “absence of theory of mind” or inability to read people or react to external stimuli at normal speeds.

I surmise that Schizophrenia can be viewed as “absent mindedness” with cases like mine when I’m simply not there and when I am there it’s fleeting … as if I fluctuate between having a mind and having no mind.

Thus, it would be too hard for anyone to try to fake having a severe mental disorder, such as SZ or Autism. You can’t just look at the DSM-V criteria. Not gonna work. I wonder if it’s like that by design in order to more easily tell if a person is for real or is lying/faking.

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I mean, from what I’ve seen as a patient, they can diagnose just by looking at you and observing you during an interview/appointment, and apparently they’re trained to diagnose rather fast. Thus, the tricky part is prescribing optimal meds.

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Disability would get me like 8k a year or something. Pretty tough to live on without others paying the rest. Disability money is like survival funds in canada. And you cant earn more than 5k a year from work if your on it.

My pdoc wanted me to go on it a couple years ago, she filled it all out. Its still in my cupboard, but im still workin


That’s really low for a western country. In Belgium disability is minimum €14K for a single person if you haven’t worked. But in most cases it’s substantially more.


Yeah long term disability here is garbage for mental health unless you have worked for a lot of years.


I currently get $10,000 - $12,000 SSDI. I actually could live off that being that I’m a loner and only have to support myself. One can get a 1-bedroom type of apartment around here, no problem. But I’ve been in this 2-bedroom apartment for years. I also get $40,000 a year VACP.

What are Military Veteran benefits like in Canada?


I actually agree that doctors don’t give adequate treatment to disabled and mentally ill people because they believe many of us are lying and exaggerating for some kind of benefit

But I’d kind of love to know what benefit anyone gets from going through the torture of being a disabled/severely mentally ill person in the Western medical system. Regardless of whether they’re lying or not. The resources my disabled loved ones get are extremely minimal and ALL of them are in deep poverty because the disability money they “live” off of is barely even enough to feed themselves… and they all had to go through years of extremely costly tests, diagnoses, traumatizing appointments and procedures… All to just barely survive

I’m sure there are people out there who would go through all that to get “free money.” But I very sincerely doubt anyone who is in their “right mind” would do so. Anyone who would go to that length is probably actually disabled or mentally ill, even if they believe and even SAY they’re lying

It would be extremely time consuming, expensive, and tiring to keep up a lie THAT huge. I think the medical system is the issue - after all, a Huge chunk of it is skewed hard toward eugenics, and every doctor has biases. We live in a world where everyone already disbelieves us and spreads lies about people like us because they just don’t want resources to go to disaed or mentally ill people. Doctors are part of that world and influenced by it too

Just my perspective, I’m in a part of Australia where the healthcare is quite bad and my disabled loved ones and I have had consistently horrific experiences trying to get help here. So that’s where I’m coming from. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this if you have any and are willing to share!!


Im not sure. But where i live a 1 bedroom is about 1600 a month. And the waitlist for gov assisted housing is over 10 years. A vehicle is also necessary to get around and to visit family. So more money is needed lol


In the USA, a person could get into big trouble for fraud if they aren’t disabled but somehow get disability benefits. Social Security is especially strict. Veterans Affairs is more static. But even they may be able to detect fraud cases and stop disability payments to a fraud.

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That’s the case here too, but unfortunately the way they rolled their system out, thousands of completely innocent people were cut off from payments and told they owed the government thousands in debt because they were falsely accused of fraud - most of these people were a dollar off when reporting work payments or tiny things like that. It was nuts. This was maybe 5 years ago now though


I’ve heard it’s quite strict over there for Social Security! I knew someone who had a drain in their skull because they had a condition where their brain would fill with fluid and they were effectively bed-bound and they still got denied their first attempt at disability benefits, which is wild to me. This was in California I believe


Wow. I got approved for SSDI on first attempt. I even got some retroactive pay. Social Security did set up one appointment with one of their mental health professionals and apparently that’s all they needed to approve/confirm me.


Oh that’s awesome!! I’m so glad they were able to give you the support you needed straight away


in the UK disability benefits are generous. More than working minimum wage for 40 hours a week.


Not trying to start a war against people who are already on disability and or if they should remain on it. The process seems to be rigorous, and with reviews being in place the system seems to be doing their duty for the most part.

My main point will remain unchanged that the leeches who are attempting to scam the system in any means nesseary are somewhat responsible for doctors being extra reserved.

It can sometimes look a living and breathing organism with a wild west touch on it. But I don’t think it should change and it should remain relitively “harsh” since some individuals might just need a good boot up theirs to wake the ■■■■ up and stop flaking it.

I will get a lot hate for this, but this is genuinely just my opinion, and it also comes with a disclamer outlined at the start this post.


Totally get where you’re coming from! Ultimately we all have our own perspectives. It’s a complex topic with no “right” answer. I respect your opinion and I truly hope you don’t actually get any hate, you don’t seem like you’re trying to start a war, just expressing yourself as we all have a right to :slight_smile:

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