Strange turn of events

So i’ve been to this club, a LGBT friendly club a few times (I recently came out as bisexual), and I have like 10 people texting me now. All it took was getting into the not-straight scene and people were introducing me to their friends. Before I knew it, I was friends with the bouncer. Even two of the employees are asking to go on dates. The bartender is straight up hitting on me.

I think that this is just like wow, ok. I’ve dated a couple of guys from there and they both had major flaws that made me think “no”, but there is one who I havent dated who I met last night who seems like he’s good. Someone has to have looks, a brain and a life in order for me to find them attractive. I need to see someone as an equal in order to consider them as a partner. This one guy has all three, so I am hoping for the best.

but yeah gay/bi guys love me. Girls dont. Go figure. I find that rather curious, I wonder what would happen if I went to a straight club. Would girls be all over me? Maybe I should try that next weekend. Im sort of sick of girls for a bit after the whole friend with benefits thing and dating other girls before that, but I still like smart attractive girls who arent losers.

Maybe it’s the weight lifting.

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Maybe there is a vibe that girls can sense that your sick of them? If your enthusiastic and happy and comfortable at a LGBT club it’s going to show. That self comfort and joy is what is attractive.

But if your sick of girls that joy is not going to be there and girls take that as a keep away sign. But that is just my 5:00 a.m. coffee pondering. Good luck with this and what ever club you go to… I know you’ll have an adventure. That’s the best part of being 20… adventures.


Yeah I fantasize about some of the guys there