Only positive symptoms, no negative symptoms?

Is this possible?

I ask because I’ve been diagnosed with psychotic depression, but I was never really satisfied with that diagnosis, since my psychiatrist seemed to rush a little bit to it . I was thinking I might have schizophrenia personality disorder because the positive symptoms seem to explain a lot (more than my initial diagnosis at least), especially having consistently unusual perceptions/beliefs that you can later detach from or disagree with .

But I don’t know if I have any negative symptoms - in social situations I react visibly and appropriately. The closest to a negative symptom I’ve had is that I haven’t been able to bring myself to accomplish any important life tasks for about a year and a half now and have been living in eternal neverending tangents.

Obviously I need a professional opinion to make any legitimate judgement, Thank you for taking the time to read !


sorry for you … but i experience just different only negative and cognitive symptoms less positive symptoms and i take seroquel for it…

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What are important life tasks? I’m curious how you define this

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I started off with only positive symptoms, many years ago, so yes it is possible. Now I mainly have negative symptoms.


Ofc its possible and most schizophrenics have no negative symptoms. Its a good thing but sadly I have severe negative symptoms and stay in bed all day everyday.


Negative symptoms can easily be mistaken for depression so you’re not off the hook yet. At any rate there is no such thing as schizophrenia personality disorder, I guess you meant schizotypal which less severe than schizophrenia. All the best.


Welcome to the forum!!! It’s definitely possible to not have negative symptoms. Plus, diagnoses can change all the time. Give your dr a lot longer to let him determine what’s really going on.

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Thank you!! thats good to know, Ive struggled with what seems like depression, but I don’t have some of the more physical smypoms specific to depression… this may explain that… ofc its a job for proffesionals but thank you for your response!! hope you are well!!

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Thats interesting, I wouldn’t have guessed… very reassuring though!!
That sounds infuriating, I hope your symtpoms calm down sometime soon and/or medication can provide some serious help!! thank you for your response!

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Thank you!!! and for sure!! Might want to see a therapist instead, psychiatrists rush you into the medication too soon imo. Don’t listen very much even if the issues are incredibly complicated.

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hmm… I was in university, I stopped attending lectures, slowly stopped doing any of the assignments, failed miserably at getting myself to even start any of the makeup work, eventually just stopped doing anything besides things that bring immediate emotional catharsis.

I was about to transfer to medschool from my physiotherapy university program but sz brought my grades down from 90+% to 54%. I still got my degree but I can’t work any job not even volunteer.
I rage quit 15 different jobs including physiotherapist after 1-2 weeks. My hands sometimes shaked from stress. I wasn’t like that before my sz, I was working and getting high grades.

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There seems to be a lot of people with a similar sitution here … lots of negative, not a lot of positive…

Does seroquel help at all?

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yes seroquel mailny helps to keep me asleep at night … without medication i cant sleep … i quit studies and job a deacde ago … medication doesnt help negative and cognitive symptoms at all…

@grime Do you work or study…

Meds can cause negative symptoms.I believe your brain can heal itself somehow

You did not have negative symptoms to start with

Could that be from youre medication?

No, I stopped meds for a year and I got worse, complete social isolation with hallucinations and delusions until I got violent psychosis and 4 policemans brought me to mental hospital.

I am different,when I stopped meds I talk abit more and is less tiring when I go to work.

You never been to mental hospital? Did you ever had positive symptoms like hallucination or delusions?