Any of you have no any symptoms

I just have negative simptoms

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I have negative and cognitive symptoms. E.g. I can’t read a book. (Or anything too long)

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right now I have a tiny bit of positive symptoms with insight but I’m struggling with the negatives mostly. I’m glad you just have the negatives to deal with. Hopefully those will get better too.

Mostly positive symptoms for me.

I struggle with depressed moods sometimes, but comparatively, its nothing.

Although the positive symptoms are severe,

I always remind myself it could be much worse.

I have mostly cognitive and negative symptoms. I used to be extremely delusional.

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My symptoms are all over the place. Anxiety, mood swings, keep thinking ahead and not enjoying the present. It’s a little unstable though I can function.

I only have delusions of reference, some cognitive symptoms and some negative symptoms.

I used to have positive, negative and cognitive symptoms and on top serious sleep problems.
My sleep and positive symptoms are getting much better since I started medication.

I have cognitive and negative symptoms. And voices. Paranoia and delusions were gone with medication.

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I have just depression and cant trust anyone now even myself. Some negative symptoms maybe.

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I dont have any positive symptoms …my cognitive and negative symptoms are hard hit…no one can help me …!!!

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Guess I have only negative symptoms.

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Is being surrounded by assholes a symptom ?

Would u mind sharing what caused ur illness? I am also mostly negative with cognitive symptoms. Hardly any positives except some disorganization.

I am on 5mg of Ability and 25mg (twenty-five) of Seroquel.

Bad luck. Nobody in my family or family tree had it. 1 in 100 people get it. I just drew the short straw.


Do we have any idea as to what the genetic/biological differences are between positive schizophrenics and negatives?

Personally I don’t. Sorry. :frowning_face:

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Thought as much. Scientists are not finding any answers because they are not asking the right questions.

Thank you for your answers.

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Cause is still unkown …so its still a mystery…

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@far_cry0 these scientists need to work overtime and need to be way smarter.

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