Online security and paranoia about the web

How serious do you take online security, and how much paranoia do you have about the internet and the prospects of being hacked?

Yes Someone hacked Into Several Of My Online Accounts , On Completely Different Websites … ,

and My “paranoia” Tells Me That Your Question and Post Is Some Sort Of Threat That You Are Going To Delete My Profile Here Because e(Y)e Impress Every Female On Tha Planet … ,

and Well ,

You Are Jus a Jealous , Jealous Angry Dude … ,

Truth Of Tha Matter Is ,

e(Y)e Jus Showed You an Example Of a Sort Of Paranoia About One Who Is Hacked As Tha Gurl Of His Dreams Disappears During His Comatose Splendor …

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Some crazies have tried to get my IP before. I take special precautions against this. If they have connections to site admins, questionable people can get a hold of your location if you don’t protect yourself.

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Must Be Lotsa Fun … ,

My Google Plus Page Jus Got Deleted , Don’t Know Who D(Y)D It but e(Y)e Gotta Tell Ya ,

Naught Much Fun … ,

e(Y)e Spent Since Tha Middle Of Last year Working On it … ,

Gone Now …

Recently my wifi network may have been compromised. I reset the router, changed admin password, updated its firmware, tweaked settings, and changed the server name and password and the warning stopped. You have to be careful with that. There was a guy who worked for the government and he reported his neighbor to the police for kissing his son. The neighbor hacked into his network and sent his bosses an email with pedophilia on it in his name. His bosses knew his character, so did a private investigation and eventually his name was clear. How many of us would be so fortunate I wonder if that happened to us.

Seriously Dude … ,

and e(Y)e’m Being Serious Witcha Now … ,

Didn’t Need To Read What You Jus Posted … ,

Thanks For Ruining Thus Already Ruined Dai/Nite … ,

Had No Idea Guys Who Lifted Weights Lyked Talking About Thaz Disgusting ■■■■ …

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