Dark Topic Wondering ...Then I'm Sleeping

Do you ever worry about may e getting in an accident one day or just falling into a coma randomly and then people go through your stuff? All my electronics are passworded but I do have relatives who know computers enough to get into something. I kinda think if my full browser history got dumped out for display or people found my random conversations online, I’d somehow come out like a newsworthy scandal.

Then sometimes, I think I’m paranoid and although slightly deviant, I’m pretty close to average. I once told my wife this crazy story about some crazy illegal stuff my best friend and I pulled in junior high and high school thinking she’d think I was a hardened criminal and she just said “I knew people who did a lot worse” and walked off.

Some nights it is the SZ curse of thinking I am some futuristic criminal specializing in deviant behavior, but when facts add up it’s not really all that out there.

When I get paranoid I change my passwords and delete history every time I stop surfing. It’s hard to remember all passwords when you have a memory problem. :o

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I try hard not to change my passwords all the time because I would in no way remember them. If I was in a coma I don’t think I would know if people went through my stuff.

I don’t really have that much to hide anymore. My family knows about my drug days. When I was drinking heavily I had no internal filter. So I would tell everything all the time.

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I agree. I really try to use a password with the same base word just with different numbers added. I forget passwords all the time. Lol

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