My current sz activity

You know that this sz forum system is faulty. You can not change your password in a case if somebody steals it.You can not close your account if you like to do so. And so I decided to start systematically deleting my postings I have posted in the past nine months. If I did not remember my password, I would not need to do so.

My profile shows a ‘send password reset email’ option, so you should be able to use this if you want to reset your password.

When I get paranoid I start deleting myself from the internet. Change my passwords everywhere. And then I forget what the new password was. I think ppl can read my email and what I write online.

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I have eliminated all my Internet accounts, emails, twitter and others,because I do not need these. In some cases I have not been able to deactivate accounts, but my passwords have been complex,the military style such at46fg2k and when I have destroyed paper password listings without remembering these passwords I can not access these Internet accounts.I try to deIternetionalize myself.


Keep it simple. Live a simpler life. Perhaps what you are doing now will give you peace of mind.

I often have these paranoid episodes where I do searches of myself on the internet.

I know my other discussion forum is secure in that if you search for post content it doesn’t come up in the results. We used to have a link to our forum on a Wikipedia page but this was removed some time ago so to find us one must search specifically for the name of the forum.

In my more paranoid moments I’ve found myself searching youtube for people talking about me and my posts. I know it’s a paranoid thought that maybe people might actually give a damn enough to take the time to talk about me or parody me on youtube. The reality is nobody cares…as much as I’d like to believe I had a following the number of people on that forum who care can be counted on one hand.

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I have that intention before to find out who has captured and uploaded to the YouTube. I think I have done the searching once.

I search YouTube a lot.

A good friend of mine is a youtube fanatic. He also has sz and airs his rants and delusions in videos he posts there. For a while they stopped and when I called I found that his phone wasn’t currently receiving calls. I just now checked to see if there were any new videos and there were.

I used to sit out of view while he made his videos and comment occasionally. I have found that in his new videos I have been replaced with some hippy looking guy with a similar sounding name as me. I have been replaced! Don’t know how I feel about this. People move on in life though, people do move on and this can be a good thing.