Online Computer Science Degree

I’m really looking into this. The price is right lol.

It’s through WGU or Western Governor’s University. Anyone else hear about it? It’s a good program. It ain’t perfect, but it’s super cheap. With financial aid, I might be able to go for free. The best thing is I can do it all from home. It doesn’t look too hard but there are 30+ classes. Hopefully, I can transfer some credits and classes over.

I figured it’s better than nothing. It’s more practicality than theory. The cons are that it’s not ABET but then again a lot of programs aren’t ABET.

It’s fully accredited which is nice.

Maybe I’ll do it in a year. I first have to either get some adderall from my doctor or get off Vraylar and try Clozaril. So far the Sodium Benzoate is working perfectly. Thank you.


Don’t push too hard!

Try to make your goals congruent with your mental state, or you’ll keep being disappointed.

If you honestly can handle a computer science degree, then more power to you though!


I’m a big fan of online education, good luck sir.


It’s not the most rigorous program, but it seems to do the job pretty well. I figured it’s cheaper, easier, and faster than doing a math degree or going to a state school.


I do online schooling. It was a really good choice for me, albeit a little lonely. I hope this works out for you.


My husband and I both got our Master’s online. His in IT from Kennesaw State in Georgia, and mine from the University of Illinois with a major in Teacher Leadership. I had to finish my BA online too (English) because we kept moving, and I kept having to transfer schools and lose credits. That was at the University of Maryland. The schools we got our Master’s at were really inexpensive, but Univ. of MD was quite pricey!


I got my MBA online for free when I was in the Marine Corps. The school was regionally accredited which is important. Nationally accredited is not looked as favorably upon.

I am not sure why though.


I heard the same thing. Regionally is important. This one is.


I already have 99 credits.
At some point I may finish my degree online.


I do computer science. A lot of the stuff that is in demand is not taught by many schools unless you go to one with a really big cs department at a major university. python, matlab and cloud is pretty hot these days. visual basic and stuff like that is not but you might have to take it to get a degree.

a lot of people are looking for what types of successful projects you worked on and that you can pass a tech interview whether you went to school or not.


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