One week on sarcosine

my therapist asked how it was working. I told her its working well, I feel less tired throughout the day and I’ve been getting chores done. my therapist said she is using me as a guinea pig that she hopes I don’t mind. she’s going to research it some more. I did a bunch of research on it before deciding to try it. I feel its was my last option besides being hopped up on caffeine throughout the day and that requires quite a bit of coffee.


Don’t give up on it, I’ve been taking it every day for about 6 months and I’m still seeing improvements every day. Another thing you might want to try is L-Theanine, it causes glycine release in the brain which activates the NMDA system like sarcosine does. I’ve been takiing it along with the sarcosine and it’s had a stronger effect. Also my voices are noticeably quieter while I’m on it. It also has a mild calming effect that will help you sleep if you have trouble with that.

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