Sarcosine day 1

Just took my first dose of 1 gram. We will see how it goes over the next 8 weeks


Lots of people are trying this…

I took a nootropic the other day. 2 capsules of stuff called alpha brain. I didnt want to give it credit but the last couple days have been pretty good.

Id definitely go with sarcosine before a mianstream nootropic seems to be cheaper and has more research behind it.

aside from my AP. I take a tryptophan supplement 5 HTP for serotonin production. Helps keep me level. Proven to calm me down on an as needed basis. Now I take it every day.


You have to be careful with the nootropics because many of them contain significant amounts of caffiene - which can trigger anxiety and other symptoms in people.


Thanks for the heads up.

This morning was really tired as usual. I usually need a mountain of coffee. I took the sarcosine , and within 15 mins I felt pretty awake. An hour and a half later still good.

I hate the placebo affect so I try to not pay attention to how I’m feeling in early stage.


Good for you. I incorporated sarcosine as part of my treatment plan. It was one of them things, like I expected a huge change however the actual effect of sarcosine for me was too subtle. It could of been a number of factors in my treatment plan that may have masked the effects of sarcosine I suspect. But We shall see. It’s an ongoing effort, you can take sarcosine like church but if your not getting what the body needs, dietary needs you will not feel any enhancement, because sarcosine can’t do everything you know. It’s hard to really tell or notice these things working in our bodies for sure. Like how do we pin point it’s efficacy. You can’t in most cases you have to go on good will to say i think it may be working but I am not sure.


What time of the day are you taking it?

in the morning, and at night

I want to take that. I’m eager to go to Wal Mart where I can get a money order to send them.

Okay day 3. This stuff is definitely working. I have way more energy but I am not jittery at all and my head feels really clear.

I took it at 8am and at 430pm.

Pretty excited to see this continue


Good to hear it’s working without making you feel jittery.

Great to hear - thanks for reporting. Has it impacted your ability to sleep at all? Do you still wake up at the same time?

it has been fine so far, I will update in a few days on that

been taking sarcosine for a few days, feel much better, my anxiety has subsided, feeling much more relaxed and brighter


Glad to hear the encouraging results thus far. Are you taking it with NAC also? Just got my NAC recently after reading about how rank it can be but the Jarrow sustain brand I got wasn’t bad at all. Still waiting on the smart vitaminz sarcosine to arrive.

another day on sarcosine, feeling stacked, so glad I found about this amino acid my health was taking a nose dive till I got sacosine, no longer feel burnt out

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Glad to hear about all the success on sarcosine, but I don’t need another pill. I put up with enough mind control.

Update, day 4 I was really tired all day felt a bit blunted.

Today day 5 feeling great when I woke up this morning if not a bit hyper.

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Well today entered a crappy depressive state. Listening to music.

What’s the verdict after a week? You gonna keep taking it?

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