One of those cool vomiting stories you’re always hearing about

In about 1988 when I was 27 I had a housemate about my age who I was kind of friends with. But kind of enemies with too. One night we both got real drunk and decided to go somewhere. I forget where we were going but I was driving my little Datsun B210. We were going down a main street and it was about 9:00 pm. All of a sudden I got the horrible feeling to throw up.

We were going about 35 or 40 mph. I told my friend,”Take the wheel.” He reached over and grabbed the steering wheel and was steering while I was operating the gas pedal. Without missing a beat I leaned out the window and threw up. A lot. I managed to get most of it out so it didn’t go all over the side of my car. I did pretty well.
Then I took over steering again without slowing down. And we went on to our destination. My friend later told me,”Hey, that was pretty cool.” I said, “Thanks”


Funny story @77nick77!

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Thanks @eighteyedspy23!

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Drinking and driving isnt cool dude!


My friends drove from Canada to the United States for a case of beer one late night on a whim.

They rolled the car just before coming back near the border. My buddy was upside down in the car in a ditch and figured what the hell…and cracked open another beer upside down.

Long story short, they got a tow and made in back over the US border somehow.

My friend died 6 years ago from booze. That was just one of many stories about him and his wild life.


Hey man, I ain’t perfect, I did some “stuff” when I was younger that in retrospect might not have been too smart. But who doesn’t when they’re young?


Different era back then with drinking and driving.

It used to be the joke, “You actually made it home last night?”

We’ve all driven close to or over the limit. If you say you haven’t, you’re a liar.


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