One of the good things about this forum


Is that nobody is trying to belittle or put down anyone else. On some forums it is different though. There are those who get childish pleasure from such behaviour.


Who needs it?
Not me.
I like this site too,


i am to busy putting down myself , i love self loathing.
take care


The dark sis still admires you. I also like your avatar. Wow.


Self loathing is a bad habit,I do that sometimes…I hope I do not do that in future


I have to agree with you firemonkey, Ive met some real rude pug ignorant people on some other sites. I like this site here as its more humble.


I have nothing but positive things to say about this site - the people on here are making me a more down to earth person


I like this site too. People here are supportive of one another.


This is the place I run to if I have a problem that no one else would understand. That is a great complement to us. It’s savvy plus kindness.


Whit this site i got a lot of insight on how this illness effects people, maybe when i become delusional hopefully i will recognize the symptoms and i will not act upon it.


i think its because we are aware that were all in the same boat