Hurt and paranoia triggered

Apparently I’m " wallowing in self pity " obviously someone has a scathing opinion of me and now I’m wondering how many others think the same.
Fighting the urge to delete my account.

I for one - and I am sure there are others on here, that feel you dont wallow in self pity - because you dont.
I can relate to you in many ways - especially when it comes to anxiety and social issues - plus you have a lot to offer on this site. I find that your posts are very informative :smiley:

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ignore them fire monkey. you’re a lovely guy.

I really look forwards to reading your posts firemonkey. I hope you dont delete your account.

Yeah, I really like to hear what you have to say. I’ve never gotten any kind of negative vibes from you what so ever

I don’t mean to hurt you or trigger you @firemonkey. Sometimes I write without thinking of the consequences or feelings of others.