I am so glad this is a good forum

I have been subjected to lies and deliberately hurtful behaviour on another forum. When I defended myself I got a warning. That told me the people running and moderating the site tolerate and support bullying.
This is a problem with many mental health forums- the excusing and indeed condoning of bullies by those that run/moderate the forums.
Needless to say I have asked for my account to be closed. It will mean one less place of support(most people there are good but I can’t feel safe in a place where those in charge condone/excuse nastiness towards other members.
I am so glad that these forums are not like that and that I can feel safe here.


yes, a website or a forum should be well managed and maintained so that the majority members would feel protected and welcomed . I like this site, thanks to the owner and moderators here.

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I find that this forum and… there is ONE for bipolar that siblings and caregivers are welcome as well… I think that including the people who have to clean up after me… makes a difference to the quality of the forum.

There are a few that I’ve seen some very honest and good questions get struck down because the person was a father of a kid with SZ. He was told flat out he was not welcome.

Offering that look to the other side of the story has helped me and it just feels more family friendly. The other boards just get under my skin.


I am glad that you guys are finding the forum a great place to be.

Sometimes I think that I shouldn’t be here because I cannot relate myself to something that I have not been through ever. I do feel compassion and want to do what I can. I do sincerely want to lessen the pain of those who are suffering. I want to do it by my words, concerns and advice…I want to give them the hope of bright sunny day after the dark and gloomy night of their suffering. But just sometimes I feel that what if instead of helping them, maybe I am creating more problems and torments for them.

Every time I reply, I always think to myself, whether should I participate in the discussion or not…I think you do not need a degree to show care and love to someone but it’s just my concerns about replying on this forum…I don’t know…

You did VERY well on this forum, p2r1. Your word was just like a ray of sunshine glittering in the deep forest, very sincere and heartwarming. I like your posts.

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Thank you very much green6…but if ever you guys feel that it’s not going well I would be happy to quit…

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Yeah this is an excellent forum for the amount of traffic it gets…I was never on the old forum but I’ve heard the tales of terrible trolls and all. The level of moderating here has honestly taken some getting used to as my old forum (which wasn’t mental illness related) was run by an admin who would probably sign on at most once a month. But that forum was far less busy than this one and we sort of moderated ourselves.

I know I’m not always a great bundle of positivity…but I try to keep on the topic of Sz related things and make sure to stick to the rules and most importantly respect others here even when I disagree. That I feel is the most important on a forum…respect for each other’s presence.

Keep up the good work everybody!


This is a very good site, a much improved version of the old site. I like this site for a lot of reasons, I do like the fact that this is a very inclusive place, extending its welcome to family members and supporters of SZ and related disorders

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I believe this forum to be the most real.There are a lot of wallpaper sites that make big claims (especially in the UK) but it’s just words and empty gestures
when i feel in despair i would turn to this forum for support
Even when i’m not posting i never forget to check this site out.

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If you get into trouble in another forum, I’d be willing to fight it out with those bullies. (I’m half kidding)

This forum is the best I’ve ever been on, though I’ve only spent time at fan forums and “literature” :wink: forums. The other Mental Health forum had people openly talking about some weird stuff that I’ve experienced which was nice. I didn’t post there, the traffic was too slow.

Its harder for the stupid people to find. And people are only mean when theyre stupid

I dont know, I searched schizophrenia forum and it came up second on google.
But I agree with everyone else that this forum is great! I don’t think anyone anywhere else
would ever listen to my complaints or anything. It’s good a nice sleek look and a safe feeling.

I was on mental health forum I asked to be banned because there were people on there whi tookpleasure in “debating” what that debating entailed was a socalled wise intelligent person putting downand belittling everyone he could on theforum. cpsusage is a complete ■■■■■■■.
the moderators let him get away with it.

The mods there let him get away with blue murder. I was basically told that his bullying and intimidation was within the forum guidelines. I am only staying because several people asked me to but am only posting articles as I don’t feel safe doing anything else. It means support I can get and participation is reduced but at least other members can hopefully get something from the articles I post.

its a shame cause it would be a niceplace without him there I was attacked after posting and never posted again also. its kind of addictive to go there too so I acted up till they banned me LOL

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When I tell my problem to my friend, he or she might not understand the difficulty I am facing. It is totally different, on the forum are hundreds if not thousands of like-minded member with listen ear, so chances are someone (or more than one) will come out with a good support.

I can be negative. I can argue over ideas viciously. I try not to do personal attacks. I’ll tear an idea or behavior apart, but I’m not trying to attack the person. I don’t always succeed and I’ll admit that in the past I often didn’t even try, but I’m working on it.

This is a good place. I am continually amazed by the lack of trolls and spam.