I love this Site

I don’t know why but I love this site. Best responsive and empathetic and lovely people out here.


That’s nice to hear.
I tend to go overboard in the past.
But it’s nice to have as a backstop or safety net for days when my pariah life hurts real bad(not today thankfully).

Have you been on this site a long time?

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I have been in this site for 4 years and more. It has been eventful and always have appropriate response and good natured conversations in the threads.

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Its definitely been a way to feel like my experiences with this illness might help someone else, if I’m willing to share, and provide my perspective.


Are you new to this Site? Welcome aboard.

Yeah this is a good site to socialize. Very cool and talented people here. Makes me feel less lonely.


I’ve dabbled with the site quite a bit but have been indecisive with my username.

Once I was Dollar_Menu

And I was an avid reader seldom poster on here about 12 years ago!

I’m happy the site is helping a lot with a lot of people!


@Oriongazer I think the positive vibes you’re laying down are wonderful.

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I am proud to be part of this forum…makes me feel like I’m useful.

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It is the truth

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