One more week of meds to last

I have one more week of meds to last me until I see my pdoc, I see him the 30th. i’m nervous about running out of meds before I see him and become unstable before the appointment. I shouldn’t worry so much I think I have plenty of meds its just the anxiety.

I don’t have enough anxiety medication until my next appointment. I don’t know if i’ll last for four days. Just going one full day without them made me wake up twitching. I tried calling my pdoc and get a refill on it but i haven’t got a call back.

Don’t give up hope. And @cbbrown can you call up your doctor and ask for a refill?

If worst comes to worse I’d suggest splitting your pills in half and taking half a pill each day rather than having to go cold turkey the last 5 days. Although I’m hoping you can get your script. Maybe an ER visit? Idk maybe my splitting the pills in half advice was bad advice…You should be able to get meds.

If my doctor can’t see me soon enough, she writes me a one week prescription to tide me over. I don’t know if yours would be able to do that, though, since you’re a new patient. Good luck!

I got told by the nurse there’s nothing they can do, I know I have a refill still on my anxiety med. But the rest is just barely enough I have to take a third of the correct dose of haldol.

You’ve got to keep on top of things, cbbrown. This seems to happen a lot to you. I know there must be extenuating circumstances that I don’t know about but making sure you always have a supply of medication is one of the most basic things to do. Maybe you should plan ahead a little bit more.

This time I ran out because, my former pdoc canceled all,my appointments with her. Then I made the appointment with this one a month and a half ago.

OK, yeah, those things happen.

sorry you felt like I snapped.

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