Waiting for the nurse

I’m waiting for the nurse to call me back for my current doctor. But she said my doctor is only at that clinic three days a week. It stinks, he won’t take calls from the nurse on mondays and fridays. I’ve been waiting almost two weeks for my med refill. I took @77nick77 advice and tried to stretch out my meds as much as possible but i ran out of haldol, almost out of latuda and lithium, out of congentin, amitriptyline and clonidine.

i went to a food pantry today and i felt like i was being watched. i was sure people were talking about me. I know my in laws speak against me trying to turn my partner against me.

Switch doctor when this is over. It sounds like you’re in a dangerous position. Can you get emergency meds from a hospital?

i’m in the middle of switching clinics, but the soonest the new clinic can get me in is September 30th. I have to do an intake interview before they will set me up to see a doctor. i told my partner if i don’t get meds tomorrow then i’m going to the hospital wednesday.


you will get through this :heart:
sending positive energy your way.
take care :alien:

Sometimes your pharmacy will give you an emergency supply.

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Sometimes your pharmacy will give you an emergency supply without a written prescription.

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The nurse said the doctor approved the refills. I just have to wait until the nurse calls the refills into the pharmacy. That itself can take ages.

Praying that it won’t take long.

i finally got my medicine. I forgot how tired the haldol makes me feel after taking the morning dose. I think people who are so lucky that can take a lower dose and have it work for them. i went to a food pantry yesterday and as i was waiting in line i started rocking back and forth which embarrassed my mother in law so she told me to stop. I told her the truth i can’t stop the anxiety builds up so much i have to get it out somehow. i know it takes a while for the medicine to build up in my system.