One more co-morbid disorder

I’ve got one more co-morbid disorder to add to the list: OCD, but Pure-O, without compulsions.
It’s basically intrusive thoughts and obsessions.

My therapist and I talked extensively about my coping mechanisms and he says I’m on the right track and gave me some tips on how to deal. I tend to externalize, say to myself “It’s the illness, it’s not me” and it helps to calm myself down.

Insight is great in this case, because I don’t identify with the intrusive thoughts.
My therapist says that the fact that I have sz, makes it easier to not fuse myself with my thoughts. That neurotypicals with obsessions tend to connect them with their identity, which I don’t do.

I don’t care that much about the labels but more on how to deal with the symptoms, to be honest.

Ah well, thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Just want to say publicly, I already said in pm, that @mortimermouse was right :grin:

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I have pretty bad intrusive thoughts too, maybe ocd? I used to have ocd when I was a teenager-preteen. It comes and goes however I am sure my intrusive thoughts come from sz not ocd. For me the themes of my intrusive thoughts are dictated by my stereotypical thinking. I can only think in depth about a small range of topics, the obsessions. So I wouldn’t call it ocd, I would call it a combination of stereotypical thinking and intrusive thought.


You’re so insightful about your condition and situation that it puts you way ahead of the crowd. I still obsess about my delusion. I am getting better but it’s slow. I have much more limited intrusive thoughts but I think about the ‘convincing’ past events and think
"but it must be true!" . It’s a tad obsessive. You’re a great example of insight, therapy and meds.

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Thanks @47average, means a lot!

Yes, it’s slow. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get rid of this, but I think I can learn to live a good life with all these issues. I know it’s possible, a lot of people do it.

Remember the four R’s!

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Ocd sucks, I have the kind where u check stuff, I never really get complete satisfaction from checking stuff either.

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I think I used to have OCD as a child I remember washing my hands until they bled over and over again. Then after a while it seemed to go away. I no longer cared about keeping things in a particular order.

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Wow, I feel glad I only have schizoaffective.

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I’ve sza, ptsd, ocd and gad.

Yeah @Minnii I know what you are going through and it’s pretty tough but somewhat manageable.

I most likely suffer with Pure - O as well.
I have more obsessions/intrusive thoughts and very little compulsions.

OCD is common with bipolar and schizophrenia.

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I stopped asking about diagnosis a while ago. Just wound me up.

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